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New Chrono game in planning stages

SquareSoft is currently mulling over several ideas for a new game in the Chrono series.


Although SquareSoft's Final Fantasy series has received the brunt of the mainstream attention, the company's Chrono series of role-playing games is regarded by many as the epitome of the genre. Chrono Cross on the PlayStation continued the tradition of the novel storytelling and intuitive gameplay set forth by Chrono Trigger. Now, that tradition is set to continue, as the next game in the Chrono series is currently in the planning stages. Hironobu Sakaguchi, executive producer at SquareSoft, informed GameSpot that several members of the Chrono Cross development team are highly interested in developing a new game in the series. In fact, although the production on the game hasn't begun yet, several script ideas are currently being considered.

"There has been a lot of pitching of ideas for a new Chrono game," Sakaguchi said. "Of our staff in Tokyo, a lot of people want to continue the series and create a new Chrono game, especially the former director. Right now we're throwing around a few different ideas for the game, but there hasn't been a green light for production yet."

A specific console platform for the next game in the Chrono series is not being discussed publicly at this time, and given the early state of the project, we don't expect to see the game for some time.

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