New Carmageddon for PS4/Xbox One Delayed, Here's Why

Extra development time to be spend polishing the game to ensure it's "the best it can be."


Carmageddon: Max Damage has been delayed. Previously expected to launch in June for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the over-the-top car combat game is now coming out on July 8 for both consoles, developer Stainless Games has announced.

Explaining the short delay to, Stainless said it "allows the development team extra time to give the game a final polish before delivery and ensure it's the best it can be for a new audience of console gamers."

The developer also announced some preorder bonuses for Max Damage. These include:

  • Two extra player cars: the "Tez Eagle" and the "Iron Hawk"
  • Four exclusive skins: two each for the "Tez Eagle" and "Iron Hawk" cars
  • An exclusive digital comic download for preorder customers entitled, "Where Eagles Die"

For a closer look at Max Damage, check out some images in the gallery below.

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Stainless was also behind the crowdfunded PC game, Carmageddon Reincarnation. People who bought Reincarnation will get a free copy of Max Damage for PC later this year.

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They made good with the PC version after that rough launch, runs buttery smooth now with everything maxed out.

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@repulsive44552: I forgot to try it again :).

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Then don't f***ing read the articles.. No ones making you frequent this site.. You're the one sounding like a high school kid.. I'm surprised they don't kick all of you little whining nagging babies off this site.. Like seriously, who the f*** are you.. They get paid to write this sh!t.. And while we're on the subject of school and how people write - check your grammar.. It's 'you're' not 'your' you illiterate loser

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@tnwolfy69: Calm down son, calm down...

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yeah im likely to get "temp banned" for this again or warned. but seriously everytime i see a "heres why" or "heres when" in the title of a "news article" i want to punch the guy who wrote it. seriously stop writing like your in high school and learn proper journalism writing skills.....

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I enjoyed the original on PC way-back-when, but I'll "wait&see" with the reboot. Hopefully they nail the fun-factor again.

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I played so much carmaggedon when i was young. I hopethis one is at least as fun as the original :|

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After the Reincarnation fiasco f this game man......

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@darthrevenx: Not sure what type of glue you're huffing, but they did a great job with reincarnation.

Only problem is small playerbase online, which will likely be solved going to consoles.

Looking forward to this one, the physics and hit boxes are top notch.

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@Raidendude153: You mean OTHER than the fact that some of us our still waiting for our copies on the platform of choice (not everyone uses steam)....

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@uncle5555: The console editions are predicated upon the steam version's success, so if you have any qualms while still anticipating a console version they'd be invalid- especially since carma has always been on PC.