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New Captain America Comic Reveals Shocking Truth About His History [SPOILERS]

Who is Captain America?


Steve Rogers is back as Captain America in a brand new comic series from writer Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz. Issue #1 of Steve Rogers: Captain America hit stores today, and the comic led readers down the path of America's hero tracking down Baron Zemo. However, the final pages revealed a startling revelation: Steve Rogers is a member of Hydra.

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In a series of flashbacks, Sarah Rogers, the mother of Captain America, is being abused by her husband. A woman named Elisa Sinclair shows up and takes him out. Elisa befriends Sarah and provides her the safety she and a young Steve Rogers deserve.

Before they part ways, Elisa hands Sarah a flyer for a local meeting she should attend. It turns out it's a meeting for Hydra.

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Back in the present, Captain America, along with his new teammates, are fighting Baron Zemo and the New Masters of Evil. Captain America is seemingly trying to save Doctor Selvig, who Zemo has kidnapped. Rogers jumps aboard Zemo's craft. Captain America's new sidekick Jack also jumps aboard, and after Zemo is taken out, Cap does the unthinkable: he throws Jack from the craft, leading to one of the most shocking pages in recent Captain America history.

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It turns out that Captain America is a member of Hydra, the terrorist organization that he's spent decades fighting. Could he have been playing double-agent all along? While many fans may find this hard to swallow, writer Nick Spencer assured readers that there is no catch to what we saw.

"Issue 2 will lay a lot of our cards on the table in terms of what the new status quo is, but the one thing we can say unequivocally is: This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve" explained Spencer in an interview with Newsarama. "This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself."

There is speculation that, as crazy as it might sound, Captain America is playing a triple-agent in this upcoming storyline, but one thing is for sure, this changes how readers will look at Captain America in this upcoming arc.

Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 is available in stores and digitally now.

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