New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Shows Off Technology and Gadgets

The exoskeleton, hoverbike, and more are detailed in the new video.

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Activision has published a new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and this one is all about the gadgets.

Glen Schofield, co-founder of Advanced Warfare's developer Sledgehammer Games, details all of the new technology that will be usable in the upcoming shooter. Firstly, Sledgehammer is adding a new "Threat-Detection" grenade to the player's arsenal. Basically, the grenade sends out a pulse that highlights in red enemies in the blast radius. Tagged enemies show up regardless of what structure they're hiding behind.

Next, Schofield describes a remotely-synced blast shield. This barricade pops up when you activate it and follows your movements. A front window automatically goes down when you pop up to shoot and rises again when you go back in cover.

There will also be a new class of weapons called "Directed Energy," which involve powerful and unbroken beams of light shooting out of gun barrels. He briefly mentions hoverbikes and hovertanks, as well, which are vehicles that can travel over land and water.

Most of the video is dedicated to the new exoskeletons in the game. Sledgehammer is calling the powersuit a "game changer." On a passive level, it allows you to throw things, rip things apart, run faster, and jump higher. Exoskeletons also have "Exo-abilities" which enhance select actions. The one Schofield mentions is Overdrive, which speeds your perception up so much that the world appears to slow down. The video also shows a person in an exoskeleton sticking spider-like to a wall and climbing it.

We thought Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looked promising when we went hands-on with it at this year's E3 conference. The game launches on November 4 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Avatar image for deserteagle_83

Exoskeleton from Crysis 2007 and bullet time from Max Payne 2001, new stuff indeed

Avatar image for gruber23

Some people say this one look like Black Ops 2 with Titanfall. But does black ops 2 have super soldier ? Nope. But the thing Titanfall have pilot, but these pilot are not super soldier. Black ops 2 set near future. This one set half future, but show something interesting got me. I didn't buy any Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 3. SledgeHammer Games is new to Call of Duty, so i give them a chance. The trailer what i saw, it's like they bring back the glory day of Original Call of Duty. So let just hope they do better. I will buy << LINK REMOVED >>!

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

Although this looks interesting (mostly because it has Kevin Spacey in it), I'd hardly call the exo-suit a game-changer !!!

Avatar image for botsio

people claim cod AW is copying crysis.cloaking belongs to no one.people are just jealous this will sell like hotcakes.hate cod all u want.its a tried and tested.A prophet is never appreciated in his own land.if u don't like cod fine,but don't try to ruin it for others.all those talikng trash are bf fan boys.think about ur failed ip and live cod alone.there is no way bf will ever ever overtake pes will never overcome fifa.its funny.whine all u want.cod will get better and better.all its three studios are great.i look 4ward to cod AW.u whine even about bf can't be annualized.they've now seen its a waste of time.let them resurrect medal of honor.thats the true cod competitor.cod goes for the best dice goes for the worst period.suck it up or shut up.

Avatar image for iammcgruber

Cloaking.. super speed, super strength. That's exactly what the Crysis suit did, which is fine and all, but I'm not a fan of multiplayer games where you can cloak, especially in games that are already heavily known for campers.

Avatar image for adino86

Mother of God I can't believe people still falling for this? It's become a fatigue. What are you twelve?

Avatar image for deactivated-57a6678fd5daf

I've become so bored with the same old crap released again and again. There is absolutely no innovation or creativity, it's just boring rehashes of the same idea. I've now started spending my hard earned cash supporting games like Spintires and Kerbal Space Program.

Avatar image for freek33

I will be playing the @#%^ out of the multiplayer

Avatar image for Nyc-WiLL

The game is 95% scripted including Online lol

Avatar image for djpetitte

The NEW AND IMPROVED COD! that's better then the last one every November 5th for the rest of your little pathetic little lives.

Avatar image for BadMrSnake

They say this every year!

Avatar image for Creed02


Avatar image for djpetitte


totally boring!! couldn't get anymore dull or stale. 2007 called, it wants it's crysis back.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Whoa, whoa,...dude...! We already have Crysis! Three of it. Why bother...

Avatar image for emperiox

Serious question: Who do you guys like better: Sledgehammer or Treyarch?

So far I'm not impressed with Sledgehammer, Treyarch has far superior talent imo

Avatar image for iammcgruber

@emperiox Can't really answer that because I've never played a sledgehammer game. However, Treyarch beats infinity ward IMO. I always skip Infinity Wards version of COD lately because Treyarch does it better and a new COD a year is just way to much for me.

Avatar image for nitro73

Wow, that first guy looked like a total Bro on roids. That explains a lot about the appeal to CoD.

Avatar image for grove12345

future tech next gen graphics... still just running in a straight line with scripted events. The 90s offered more creative gaming than this crap

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

WTF? 90's are golden age of gaming!

Avatar image for auntbessie

All I heard was "blah blah blah, bullshit bullshit, gotta milk this cow completely dry before we rinse and repeat this time next year"

Avatar image for twisted_outlaw

lol crysis rip off. also ripped the exoskeleton from that matt damon movie

Avatar image for Narxes

<< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed, can't believe they think this exo is original.

Avatar image for donjuancorleone

nice necklace bro!

Avatar image for mrpositivity

When will this DLC come out ?

Avatar image for Brakkyn

You can't hover over water, McFly!

Avatar image for lewibaygo

They saw Titans and thought how can we make each player a TitAN all the time i know we will give them a exoskeletons and some of that good old fashioned COD juice

Avatar image for itz_sinz

It sounds like a lot of these Gadgets and Weapons are based around how the Singleplayer is played. Add them to the Mulitplayer and I just don't know. I worry that a lot of it (especially that energy gun) is gonna become the new noobtubes.

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

<< LINK REMOVED >> I plan to roll with akimbo DEW's in multiplayer!

Avatar image for nayce54

They stole so many things off of Killzone Shadowfall, I don't even know where to start? Also, Naruto is not G@Y, btw, he just wanted to trick kaguya with reverse harem sexy no jutsu

Avatar image for itz_sinz

<< LINK REMOVED >> If they stole these things from Killzone: Shadowfall then surely Killzone stole them from Cysis, because personally I see more of a Crysis influence here than a Killzone one.

Avatar image for Senior_Rosa

For me the real problem is the multiplayer. I enjoy the single player campaign, but the fact that i have to buy the whole game just to enjoy it at 30% turns me down. How great could it be to release a pack of single player campaigns of the lats CODs? Say from Modern Warfare and so on? i would love that.

Avatar image for baldmanz

<< LINK REMOVED >> Don't worry. If the game is a bust then you can pick it up for cheap a few months after launch like Ghosts did.

Avatar image for Nodashi

At least is't changind a bit. Last GREAT CoD was MW2. It was a great leap forward in the genre. I don't expect that to happen again soon, but year after year of the same... it's time for this to end.

And I hope Battlefield follow this new trend. I loved BF3 and hated BF4 to tears. C'mon, make a new BF 2142, make Vietnam mods, anything new... just be creative.

Avatar image for HBninjaX

the unwashed masses are going to LOOOVE this game

Avatar image for bigimpact21

yeassssssssssssssss! Said me

Avatar image for nothingformoney

So it's copying Crysis now?

Avatar image for pantogatos7

<< LINK REMOVED >> apparently...

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

Lol @ the comment about CoD always being based in realism. How does the suite make time seem the slow down? Sure it could make you move faster, but time dilation is purly based on perseption. Game looks fun though.

Avatar image for djpetitte

not impressed at all... the exoskeleton is the most unoriginal idea I've seen in a long time. Im not sure how people don't think cod is played out an stale these days.

Avatar image for nothingformoney

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Sheeps don't care about staleness