New £299 Xbox 360 bundle for UK

Project Gotham Racing 3 and extra wireless controller added to the premium package for £20 more, new package to retail for £299 from September 22.


Since the news of the European PlayStation 3 postponement, many have wondered how Microsoft would exploit the vacuum. There have been rumors that the company would drop the price of its Xbox 360 console, and speculation that a HD-DVD-equipped version of the console was on the cards.

However, following a new deal in Canada, Microsoft today confirmed a new Xbox 360 bundle pack that will be available from September 22. The new package will include a premium Xbox 360, in addition to a second wireless controller and a copy of Project Gotham Racing 3 and will retail for £299 (about $569).

The premium console package, which currently retails for £279 (about $531) in the UK, includes the console itself, a 20GB hard drive, one wireless controller, an Ethernet cable, component video cables, and a wired headset. The wireless controller has an RRP of £32.99 (about $62.74), while Project Gotham Racing 3 costs £44.99 (about $86).

The news follows Tuesday's announcement that an Xbox 360 Classics line will launch on October 13 in the UK, with games on the label priced at £24.99 (about $48). Among the first releases are Project Gotham Racing 3, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo: Elements of Power, Condemned: Criminal Origins, and Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie.

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Nice... maybe this will make up a little for that £ to $ inequallity of M$ products in the UK. Cheers ^_^

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dont believe a word of that tattat23's conspiracy theory. end of the day whether you like them or not, MS is a highly successful company. As are companies like YSL and Versace and Bentley. Companies like this inly make quality goods and would not dare intentionally sell faulty products. It costs companies money. Also it is illegal which is another MS would like to avoid.. breaking the law. Selling the Boxed bundle and not stating refurb or preowned is illegal as it is false advertisement. So Mr.Tattat23... you fail

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Wahey I just bought this bundle today, I was looking for a Core system but this seemed like better value they were also offering it with Burnout Revenge. Should have got that not PGR wouldnt have been so borred this evening... oh well Good bundle though. Shame one of the wireless controllers cant find the Xbox, thats gonna be a hassle Bring on Gears Of War!

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I hope you are wrong tattat23 because that would be a pretty low, scumbag move on Microsoft's part. I don't think they would do that. Unless it was advertised or in small print that those units were refurbished or something.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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ahahahhhaaahha !!!! I know how M$ is giving this , they are changing all the faulty 360's remember ? So take that faulty 360 & give u a new , then they repair that & put it in new packaging with a pgr3 in the bundle box & list it as 299. The Guys who get the bundle gets a USED 360.

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ahahahhhaaahha !!!! I know how M$ is giving this , they are changing all the faulty 360's remember ? So take that faulty 360 & give u a new , then they repair that & put it in new packaging with a pgr3 in the bundle box & list it as 299. The Guys who get the bundle gets a USED 360.

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Good deal.....I wonder when the Brits will get to buy consoles at US price.......

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The U.S. wont see a price drop but i bet a pgr bundle will surface at some point.

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why not a us release?

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yeah id rather see the core edition xbox 360 being about £150! That would be much more affordable for us sick people!

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I would really rather have a price drop to be quite honest.

Avatar image for Shuzen

Wow boring still gonna get the PS3

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xbox classics line up? thats a classic in its own rofl king kong LMAO,seriusly though it should finaly shift sales the price was always high,and i still think nintendo is going to pwn it regardless.

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It can be viewed as them being aggressive and trying to push Sony further down. However there is another side to this. . . Some people will look at this as a sign of weakness. They may take this as MS not thinking the 360 can stand up to the PS3 without a bargain bundle.

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"Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie" LOL... makes me laugh when i hear that title, dont know why.. i think i played the DS version a little TOO much hehehahhaahwhhahwhwahahah hahhahah... ahem. The price is pretty good considering you get TWO pads. For me, £279.99 with an extra pad alone costs Over £300. So i would consider project gotham 3 to be a bonus more than anything else. Me, im heading to gamestation for some sweet deals, and they say they "beat any price or offer!" which is a bold statement to say the least. I find in store bundles to be better than console bundles, and lets be honest ALL consoles have fairly poor bundled offers (except the nes.. with the gun.. 4 pads.. 4 pad adaptor.. 2 games.. robot.. glove... fridge.. iron... and a comedian ( i forget his name, but he was a right laugh!). In store bundles are better. But still, the £299.99 price with two wireless pads is a good result, saving you cash and you get a free game too. Much better than a £500 console, which is so bare, you would think its a streaker, in a box, who was the son.. of a bear... or something.

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better than b4 so its good

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Yea, I wouldn't get this because I don't like if it was oblivion, THAT would be good.

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No thanks, still far too expensive when i consider the price of any games i might want (at £40-£60 a pop....), seeing as i would never ever play PGR3, DOA, or any of the other crap ive seen in bundles. When i can get one for £250 with a couple of games, i might consider it, if i happen to have a spare £250 at the time...

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The deal is worth it just for the controller. Now everyone can be jealous of the European gamers!

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they will still be clogging up shelf space past Xmas. X360 "classics", what Perfect Dark Zero? LMFAO.

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The deal is meh.

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Most supermarkets over here in UK sell at £39.99 for full price games as there is a trade war going on. Some have started selling 6 month old titles at £34.99 as well now. Not sure what that is in $ tho sorry

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chikahiro94, full price games here in the UK have a RRP of £49.99, thats almost $95 per game, online though they sell for an average of £39.99, which is nearly $76, so yea, we get screwed on a daily basis

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English are rich! Fortunately, the rest of Europe will get that for 400 Euros.

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Nice for England. Certainly cheaper for Microsoft at that (and possibly just for the holidays at that). Remember, they're still losing money on every 360 sold! I feel bad for you guys, though. Your classics line is $48USD? I'm scared to ask what full price is :(

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well at least us british people are finally getting good stuff.

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Toys R Us in the UK are selling the Premium Pack + Dead or Alive 4 + Final Fantasy XI + Kameo for £299.98 (approx $569) So thats the full premium +3 games for £20 more than the premium pack usually costs. RIP Sony.

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Good deal for those over the pond. For those complaining about a deal from M$ in U.S - take heart. You're getting it cheaper than anyone else, and you just had you're Platinum Hits announced as well.

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Poor poor Sony. At least the PSP is doin well.

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i think it's a good deal..

Avatar image for Box29

MCCHA, we're talking about British pounds, not Euros man...

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Hey, what about the US, make it cheaper for us too. Hey Microsoft, you should really screw over Nintendo and Sony by selling your system for only 199! DO IT! Doubt it, but I can dream...oh and I want a DRAGON too!

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So when the hell are we getting our bundle in the U.S microsoft?_ill just buy a Wii thank you

Avatar image for MCCHA

wow, the dollar is really losing ground to the euro

Avatar image for HarrisKrishna

Sony is now boring

Avatar image for Gaara79

What about the rest of Europe? Europe is bigger then the UK alone..

Avatar image for gamerdude27

That's a pretty good deal for those in the UK. MS is definitely taking advantage of Sony's mistakes.

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Mark my words, as soon as Sony starts to advertise the PS3 in the US a bundle for the XBOX 360 will be released there as well. Not to mention that Sony is already doing most of the work for the XBOX 360 anyway. I mean with a North American release of only 400,000 with millions of parents looking to buy a console for there children this holiday season, the XBOX 360 and Wii are going to look like gold.

Avatar image for Omnian

Awesome!! I hope this lasts for a few months so I can get one prepared for Christmas ^_^ I love PGR!! I'd rather have wired controllers though....I don't like using batteries. Plus I don't exactly need wireless ones.

Avatar image for thekey

If M$ does this same lind of bundle once gears of war ships there are going to so destroy the PS3. 360 and the Wii is going to straight kill sony.

Avatar image for Spitfire357

"This is a Canadian-only bundle, so speculation about a US version will not be realized." This was stated in the article about the PGR3 bundle into Canada. It looks like its gone to other parts in the world but the U.S

Avatar image for hemakm3

Ms do a bundle for US.

Avatar image for jakeboudville

NIce one

Avatar image for redomegaz

Thats a pretty good for us here in the UK.

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the US needs a bundle like this?!? if you guys bought these items seperately it would STILL only come to $460 (that's £242 for those keeping score at home), and thats just through amazon, if you shop around i don't even wanna know how cheap you could get it. hell, the wireless controller is on for $38 (£20), thats almost the same price in dollars as it is in pounds, and PGR3 is listed for $30 (£15) this bundle saves us in the UK £50 ($94), but we're still getting screwed out of another £58 ($110), or basing it on a hypothetical US bundle, at straight up conversion we should get it for £192 ($366) i'm not M$ bashing, Sony and Nintendo are the same, £60 ($113) mark up over the japanese Wii price, and yes taxes bla bla bla, VAT is 17.5% i'm not going through all the maths there, but suffice to say it DOESN'T explain the extra charge so yea, ninjajuggalo810's plan doesnt sound that bad to me...

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So, Japan, UK and Canada get a bundle... can we expect one in the US ever?

Avatar image for PiNoYPrOjEcT

Another screw in Sony's coffin.

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That's worst than the canadian deal, the premium was always C$499 here, about a month ago for the same price, you get PGR3, 3 free months subscription and about 1250 ms points.

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