New Burnout, Skate on the way

EA Games president reveals "extension" of driving and skateboarding series in next fiscal year, commits long-term to Mass Effect and says next Need for Speed will return to series' roots.


Electronic Arts' open-world racing game Burnout Paradise still has that new-car smell, and the broken bones of Skate have barely had time to knit, but the publisher is already looking ahead to the next installments in those franchises.

In a presentation to industry analysts today, EA Games president Frank Gibeau revealed that the two series would "see extension" in the publisher's fiscal year 2009, which runs from this April through March of 2009. Gibeau didn't specify whether the extensions would come in the form of proper sequels, side products (such as Burnout Legends and Burnout Dominator), or some other form.

In contrast to Burnout, Skate is a relatively new property. The series debuted last September as part of EA's attempt to break Activision's hold on the skateboarding genre with longtime champ Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

"Tony Hawk has been the Madden of that category for a very long time, and our performance in this first year of skateboarding has greatly exceeded my expectations," Gibeau told investors. "I know they're going to come back and be competitive, but these are the fights that EA knows how to win."

Through December, the industry-tracking NPD Group reports that Tony Hawk's Proving Ground outsold Skate when all versions are taken into account. However, EA's new franchise was released on only two platforms compared to Tony Hawk's five, and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Skate both bested their same-system counterparts in sales. EA's success in establishing the Skate franchise appears to have spurred Activision to action; the Tony Hawk publisher told investors last week that it would be reengineering its flagship skating franchise, giving the brand a new direction.

Another new franchise EA is prepping a sequel for is Mass Effect, which was announced for the PC today. From the very first time now EA-owned developer BioWare showed it off in 2005, the role-playing game franchise was touted as a trilogy. Gibeau's presentation today suggested it may not end there. He told analysts that it "will be a franchise for [EA] for a very long time." He also said that going forward, EA will take over publishing duties on the Mass Effect franchise from Microsoft Game Studios, which handled the game's initial release on the Xbox 360.

Gibeau also mentioned the next installment in another of EA's racing franchises, Need for Speed. While a new Need for Speed in development isn't surprising (the franchise has been annualized since 2002's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2), Gibeau did give the analysts an early look at the direction EA would be taking with the next installment of the series.

Noting that sales of last year's Need for Speed ProStreet didn't live up to EA's hopes for the game, Gibeau said he thinks it was because the series drifted too far from what consumers expected. ProStreet had dropped the tuner culture and police evasion aspects of previous installments in favor of perfectly legit closed track racing. For the next Need for Speed, Gibeau promised that the series would be getting back to its roots with a number of features, including open-world racing and a new highway battle mode.

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Looks good, I think it will be worth it!


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If the new NFS is anything like MW then it will be amazing. Skate 2 looks promising, upset that there wasn't more information on the next Burnout, hopefully we'll see more things similar to Paradise and less like Dominator/Revenge, as Paradise was a superiorly better game.

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skate 2 is going to be great burnout will probably be using the paradise engine and mostly the same thing, don't really like it all that much. nfs undercover has been announced to go back to "most wanted" style playing, with cops and more exotic cars. tony hawk franchise should make their LAST GAME this year and make it a great curtain w/ the olf formula like a remake of pro skater or something cuz i really liked that game, or just fade away like the skater himself.

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Btw hireling, if you search on the internet, Skate 2 trailers are already out.

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i agree with nylon tony will definetly copy skate moves

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tony will probly copy skate

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with skate they really made a breakthrough in the skate franchise, i hope they can maintain that position. hopefully they bring skate 2 in stores this year or early next year.

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i wonder what he means by nfs getting back to it's roots... Could be Hot Pursuit roots, which was a game that really rocked and i still play it splitscreen occaisionally (the second one) or he could mean underground roots, which still was a fun game but lacked the cops. I hope they're gonna go with the "Most Wanted" style, open end driving with cops that have at least decent AI, but i want more cars too. tuners, muscle, and supercars, i want them all.

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Skate 2 may just be one of my favorite sports games ever... hopefully.

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If they just put the cops back in the game then they have a bestseller once again. Even if they would've put cops in prosteet, for eg. after the race has finished you'd have to put your foot on the peddle to get away from the illegal racing event.

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NFS needs more supercars like Ferrari and Bugatti. plus open world and im buying it.

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In my opinion i think that if the next NFS game were to be like Underground expept with more cars such as the Silvia S14 and S15 and the Dodge SRT-4 Neon and the Honda S2000 etc....the New Challenger and Camaro lol...and if it had cops in it, it would be pretty kool. i would deffinately buy it.

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Yeah... NFS: Pro Street was a letdown. I spent $60 on crap.=/ I think this "Need For Speed: 2008" game will be a lot better though. All they gotta do is keep the master formula for the NFS games and add on to it. I hopin' it'll be better than Carbon though. Better graphics, better online, better cars, and more cars. I'm personally hopin' for Lambos, Porches and definantley a Bugatti. For those who don't know what a Bugatti is; here is five words for it... FASTEST CAR YOU CAN BUY. I think it could go 300MPH if ya push it with nos n' stuff.

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i hope they realise that the NFS became what it is today because of NFS underground, i remember back in the day everyone was talking about it,that was THE no1 racing game and first of its unique racing. EA should really focus on what the consumers want and if it was up to me i'd love for them to create NFS: Underground 3 using ofcourse the next-gen consoles only.

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NFS: Underground 3 would freakin rule! I loved the second game with it's open world area. Going back to it's roots would be the best thing for EA to do with NFS. As for skate. 2... BALLIN'! The first game was sweet, and I excpect nothing less in it's sequal. Can't wait!

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roz2up wat r u talkin about NFS is a legend y would they take it out. NFS has its good years and its bad years, but im pretty sure they would do good this year

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SKate has the potential to be a masterpiece. Keep on tryin! :D

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hell yes! Skate has revolutionized skateboarding games. Tony Hawk has a lot of catching up to do...

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Get rid of NFS and have a Burnout game that covers the best aspects from both franchises. It will be awesome

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although i think the best racing series is forza, nfs is gonna be good. espically since its going back to its "roots"

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Now.........if they were to add in more races,different cops,realistic dameage,cars that range from tuners to supercars,and crazy tuning options,it'll be the best NFS game ever! and open world driving................

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Yes!!! Need For Speed will return in 2008!!!

Avatar image for Wakasenshi

Need for speed is dead. Burnout took it's place a long time ago

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i agree with Doom6197 i want nfs underground3 i miss that! it was street it was fun! it was fully customizable cars looked dope when they would have neon on them i REALLY! REALLY! hope they go back to underground!

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sounds good

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open world racing rules. i hate closed track racing like in prostreet without the cops and repetitive boring races. all we need is another game like MW with an option to play the cops too.

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Need for speed Is back but hopefully it will be better.

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I want Underground 3 !!!!! With all the Neon,hydrolics,sound systems,Cops and Free roam.

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does anyone know how to unlock all the new cars from the update like the gallardo, lancia delta and db9, etc. they have screenshots^^^^^ but i dont know how to get them

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im glad nfs is going back to its roots, i wish skate would just come out with like some addons of awesome skate parks that would be added to the side of the map instead of already starting a new. I mean no one has really explored all of skate yet.l I know ive only been on 6 freeways and i think there is many more. sk8 on...

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ProStreet was better than Carbon but not by much. How about going back to versions like Hot Pursuit 2 or Most Wanted. The game itself and the car lineup was better.

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who in the fuk want open road racing??? for God sakes EA go back to track racing

Avatar image for ice-vanilla

i hated pro street and i'm glad they're going back to the most-wanted style!!!! pro street was simply put....tooo boring(to me at least).

Avatar image for greendayrocksss

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I actually thought they did the best they have ever done on NFS Prostreet, and I liked it because I am not good at most professional raing simulators. Also, I loved the car line-up and new modes this year.

Avatar image for CiroConsentino

I hope they don't screw up the hardware requirements and optimize it a lot better than ProStreet. I simply HATED this game.

Avatar image for alistica

to hamza20 with everything you just listed, that alot to cram into a single game as add ons or improvments ( yes i know its a seperate game from other NFS) are you sure you dont want the game to suck you off also?

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EA needs to bring in the cops with more spice, like carbon, but a bit extra, lots of damage, better graphics than prostreet, we'll need the helicopters with more potential, much better autosculpt and tuning, also a day/night option, and even civilians would be good, more varieties of police cars, more police strategies, and lots more spicing up to the career modes, more race types, more tracks, not only roads and canyons, more stuff like off-road tracks, and it must be set in open world. Will need a sexy woman as the cover girl, and throughout the game to give us erections all night long.lots of improvements, then EA would hit the market real hard, thats what we're looking for, so take a good hard look at what we want. make it perfectly, don't always leave something out. If EA does what I've mentioned, the I reckon EA will please most, if not all. Make it perfect EA, just don't stuff it up!

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EA really needs to get back to police for NFS. Hope the next one turns out good. For their covergirl, they'll need Paris Hilton, or someone like that, lying topless on the car( and pantless)!!! Bikinis nice, but if shes naked even better. Coz she's one hot celebrity, who I want in my bedroom. oh babe!!! LOL!!!

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I hope EA do go back to the roots with NFS, the real roots of the game, dropping the tuner stuff and all this 'street/urban' crap, going back to the sports cars and supercars of NFS from the original up to Hot Pursuit 2 (yes, I have played them all). Perhaps another Porsche Challenge type game?

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most wanted is the best nfs game now, and by the way ea's goin, in 10 yrs, it will STILL be the best nfs game. ea is goin downhill now and it may not get back up to the top.

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i want ea to make a better nfs.a most wanted 2 would be awesome,but please don't make another nfs game like sux

Avatar image for volcomstoner180

man i cant wait for the new skate...burnout paradise is a sick game as well but skate is the best game out there for skateboardign fo sho..tony hawk sucks now

Avatar image for parmjit

they fuked it up with nfs pro street i traded my a & c future for that game and i made a huge mistake i sold it right away and had fun with 2 races nfs was the 2nd best next to midnight club which is coming out this summer cmon ea burnout replaced nfs's place in racing games wat were u thinking thats y we have gt5 prologue the best nfs for me was underground 1 and then mw and then underground 2 but that was it they make a new nfs every fall so they better get back to nighttime racing and all the street style i need rap musik wen i race and nfs pro street soundtrack suks nfs underground had a couple good ones but take notes from midnight club its way fukin better i love that rap musik while racing if anyone has a ps3 add me PSN: H_A_R_K tell me if u know any news about ps3 and all the glitches in cod4 and is rainbow 6 vegas worth playing? i got graw 2 and it sucked

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Let's just be happy they realized their mistake with ProStreet and they develop another game based on Most Wanted!

Avatar image for Nicksta101

EA sux.

Avatar image for shiben

ea rox

Avatar image for 74141976

i agree wit "subzero_sv " said in his comment ya should read it.......... that nfs would be a dream to play hopefully "EA" is reading our cries............

Avatar image for all4lal

i considered prostreet as the most boring game of the feels so good now that ea is going to make another cool street racing game.and its so cool that ea is taking mass effect to pc.3 cheers for ea.

Avatar image for saigondude63

totally awesome

Avatar image for kelectron

yeah please "most wanted 2" or something. that was the best.