New Burger Time Arcade Cabinet, NBA Jam With Online Multiplayer Revealed By Arcade1Up

The limited-edition Burger Time cabinet is available for pre-order now.


Arcade1Up's cabinets are an awesome way to bring classic arcade games into your home without giving up too much of your living space. The company has brought to life the likes of Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and TMNT: Turtles in Time, and now it's revealed to GameSpot what's next with its CES 2020 line-up: a limited-edition Burger Time machine that's available for pre-order now, more new cabinets, and digital pinball tables.

The Burger Time machine comes with all the bells and whistles Arcade1Up's 3/4-scale cabinets are known for: 17-inch display, full-size joysticks and buttons, and original artwork. It also comes with a light-up marquee and matching riser, which gives the cabinet some extra height for a more comfortable standing experience. The cabinet also comes with several other games, including arcade classics Karate Champ, Bad Dudes, and Caveman Ninja.

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Burger Time limited-edition cabinet | $399

Arcade1Up has gone the extra mile with the Burger Time cabinet, paying close attention to the original's form factor and adapting its rounded side panels. Arcade1Up is only selling a limited number of these Burger Time cabinets exclusively at, and if you place your pre-order before January 31, you'll be guaranteed a shipping date of March 1.

The arcade cabinet company also revealed the next additions to its 3/4-scale cabinet line-up, which include NBA Jam (with online multiplayer), Frogger, Golden Axe, and an Atari Star Wars sit-down machine. You can see more details on each below.

Arcade1Up's new 3/4-scale arcade cabinets

  • Burger Time
    • Includes Burger Time, Karate Champ, Bad Dudes, and Caveman Ninja
  • NBA Jam
    • Includes NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hang Time
    • Features local and online multiplayer with up to four players on four different machines
  • Frogger
    • Includes both Frogger and Time Pilot
  • Golden Axe
    • Includes Golden Axe, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Wrestle Wars, and Death Adder
  • Atari Star Wars sit-down cabinet
    • Includes Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi

Arcade1Up also revealed that it's partnered with veteran pinball video game developer Zen Studios to release a new line of 3/4-scale digital pinball tables. No tables have been revealed yet, but Arcade1Up noted that both modern and retro tables are being considered.

Lastly, the company plans to release a line of Arcade1Up collectibles that include handheld devices, plug-and-play controllers, jumbo joysticks, and more. No specific products have been revealed, but Arcade1Up says it's partnered with Disney, Namco, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Commodore 64, Atari, and more.

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