New Breaking Bad Movie Teaser Trailer Shows Another Returning Character

"Go for Joe."


The Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, is almost here. As such, Netflix is making sure everyone on the planet is aware of that. Following the full-length trailer, Netflix has now released a more intimate, character-focused teaser video that shines a little more light on the mysterious movie.

The new "Go For Joe" teaser video re-introduces viewers to Old Joe from the salvage yard. As viewers may recall, Joe helped Walter and Jesse out of tight spots numerous times over the course of Breaking Bad with his own crooked manoeuvrings. In El Camino, Jesse is on the run, and it appears Jesse will turn to Joe for some help yet again.

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Actor Larry Hankin (Escape From Alcatraz, Friends) is back as Joe, and he receives a heavy phone call. After picking up with his trademark and exuberant, "Go for Joe," his demeanour immediately changes when he realizes he is speaking to, presumably, Albuquerque's most wanted man, Jesse Pinkman. "Yeah, I know who this is. At this point, who doesn't? Joe says with a sigh.

This is only speculation, but this teaser (which was already glimpsed in an earlier trailer) might suggest that Jesse is looking for Joe's help again with what he does best: making stuff disappear. Given that the El Camino that Jesse owns ties him to all number of crimes, it might be that Jesse is looking for Joe's help to destroy his vehicle.

Joe already destroyed the RV owned by Jesse and Walt that doubled as their meth lab. Additionally, he helped Jesse and Walt with the magnet and battery situation to destroy a laptop inside the police station. Additionally, it is presumed that Joe crumpled the Mike Ehrmantraut's car.

El Camino will apparently feature 10 or more familiar Breaking Bad characters. These will include Jesse (Aaron Paul), Skinny Pete (Charles Baker), Badger (Matt Jones), and Joe (Larry Hankin). Additionally, Jonathan Banks recently confirmed that Mike Ehrmantraut will come back as well, presumably in a flashback. One of the returning characters is so secretive that the producers flew them to set on a private jet to avoid detection.

El Camino comes to Netflix and select theatres on October 11.

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