New Bravely Default Announcement Teased

Is a "Bravely Third" on the way?


A little cross-promotional effort between the social media accounts for Octopath Traveler and the Bravely Default series may hint at something new on the way. Following a vague teaser image, the company has now made its message more explicit and promised an announcement for something to do with the Bravely series.

The original artwork (below) shows the eight protagonists with a banner thanking fans for hitting the million mark. It didn't take long for fans to notice that the shape of the artwork resembled the cover artwork of the original Bravely Default: Flying Fairy--the banner makes up her wing. A new piece of art from the Japanese Bravely Twitter account makes the connection perfectly clear, and asks fans to "look forward to the next Square Enix 11 BD game." The account name has been changed to "Bravely" with a set of five blank spaces after it.

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That would be enough room for "Bravely Third," which would follow the naming convention from the sequel Bravely Second. The subtitle is one aspect to watch as the impending announcement approaches, as both "Flying Fairy" and "End Layer" contained hidden messages about their respective games.

The connection makes sense. Producers Masashi Takahashi and Tomoya Asano moved on to Project Octopath Traveler--its original codename--after finishing Bravely Second. Octopath also carries some similarities from the Bravely series, like the ability to save up attacks and unleash several in one turn. It may be that it's teasing a full sequel like Bravely Third, or the two games could be coming together for some kind of crossover event or DLC.

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