New Bravely Default Announcement Teased

Is a "Bravely Third" on the way?

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A little cross-promotional effort between the social media accounts for Octopath Traveler and the Bravely Default series may hint at something new on the way. Following a vague teaser image, the company has now made its message more explicit and promised an announcement for something to do with the Bravely series.

The original artwork (below) shows the eight protagonists with a banner thanking fans for hitting the million mark. It didn't take long for fans to notice that the shape of the artwork resembled the cover artwork of the original Bravely Default: Flying Fairy--the banner makes up her wing. A new piece of art from the Japanese Bravely Twitter account makes the connection perfectly clear, and asks fans to "look forward to the next Square Enix 11 BD game." The account name has been changed to "Bravely" with a set of five blank spaces after it.

That would be enough room for "Bravely Third," which would follow the naming convention from the sequel Bravely Second. The subtitle is one aspect to watch as the impending announcement approaches, as both "Flying Fairy" and "End Layer" contained hidden messages about their respective games.

The connection makes sense. Producers Masashi Takahashi and Tomoya Asano moved on to Project Octopath Traveler--its original codename--after finishing Bravely Second. Octopath also carries some similarities from the Bravely series, like the ability to save up attacks and unleash several in one turn. It may be that it's teasing a full sequel like Bravely Third, or the two games could be coming together for some kind of crossover event or DLC.

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Avatar image for miko2495

If it is a Bravely Third (or another bravely default title) I would personally like on the 3DS mainly because I like hand helds and I have a 3DS. If it’s on Switch, I’ll just save up to buy one. If it’s both, okay.

The number one thing I want from this potential bravely default game is character customisation and the main character is our avatar. That would be nice and kind of fits into the plot of Bravely Second.

Avatar image for nightfall_zero

I doubt it will be called Bravely Third - the title is in Japanese, and "Third" would be transliterated as "サード", thus only three characters.

Avatar image for DAOWAce

PC versions please.

The closest we can get is emulating FFT. which while an incredible game and deserving of a few replays, still isn't a new experience.

Avatar image for James_xeno

Great news.. I wish it would be a full console game but oh well.

No damn western censorship this time please! I'm pretty sure the world can handle fictional game characters in a fantasy world wearing things less risque than what real life people wear in the real world! SMFH

Avatar image for kutulu1

Let's hope they remaster the other games for the Switch too.

Avatar image for nedrith

Things that I'm hoping for:

Bravely Third on the switch, pc, or any console. I hate playing games on handhelds as I can never get comfortable while playing them for long periods of time.

Bravely 1+2 remake/port to either the switch, pc or any console. Never finished Bravely second because of the above issue and while I finished the story in the Bravely Default I couldn't be bothered to do much more than that. Which is kind of a shame as I enjoyed the combat system and Bravely Second was overall better than the first.

Thankfully Octopath Traveler is great and reminds me of the Bravely games. However being able to change jobs would be great and I enjoyed the story of Bravely better even if they did ruin it near the end of the first.

Avatar image for Whitescarver

@nedrith: Completely agree with you about handheld games. As someone who grew up on a Gameboy pocket I wouldn't expect to have this issue, but I have a horrible time focusing on handheld consoles these day even if I try my damnedest to overcome it. Grips help a lot, the Monster Hunter Hunting Gear grips are by far the best I've used.

Avatar image for twztid13

@nedrith: you can change jobs in octopath...

I would prefer bravely third on 3ds, as switch doesn't offer stereoscopic 3d. Plus, they could do something creative with the name (like dream drop distance being 3d).

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@nedrith: agreed about the lack of comfort with handhelds... you can get a grip for the 3ds which helps a lot and makes it feel like a controller more or less. impossible to go back after using one of these:

Avatar image for doctor88

Excellent article, Bro. A cut above. Guess I'll have to pick it up ... If I ever get thru Hollow Knight. ; 7

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

The first Bravely broke me with the repeating dungeons. I still haven't finished it and that has kept me from really wanting to play the second one. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed Octopath. Some of the stories are meh, some are interesting, but the real fun starts when you get the secret jobs and create insane combos.

Avatar image for chrischronos

I'm actually hoping it's a port of the first two games for Steam, PS4 and Xbone. :)

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@chrischronos: that would be great, but very unlikely. 3ds exclusive games rarely get ports anywhere else. i see no reason why octopath was exclusive to the switch as it is a 3rd party game and considering ps4 has roughly 4X the userbase of the switch. i do think there is a chance octopath will make its way to ps4 at some point, though...

Avatar image for jbreez00

@Xristophoros: Sony having more players doesn't mean the game would have sold that many more copies. Comparing it to final fantasy XV and persona 5 as 2 of the last big RPGs to hit the system, it's 1 mil behind them and it's only been out for about 25 days.

In fact the game actually went over the devs expectations since the physical copies were sold out in places.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@jbreez00: huh? ff xv sold about 5m copies on ps4. so basically you are saying s-e should not care about the additional sales it would garner being on ps4 as well? weird way of looking at things. nobody said octo didn't sell well on the switch, but it would have sold the same if not better on ps4.

Avatar image for jbreez00

@Xristophoros: The list I was looking at was of the best selling ps4 games, final fantasy XV sold a total of 7 million across PC, Xbox and the PS4. The PS4 version is listed at 2.5 million copies sold.

I'm not saying the PS4 wouldn't help sales, but I always see arguments about how much better a game may have sold on the PS4 because it has 80 million+ owners so I looked specifically for the 2 biggest games in the genre released in the last 2 years and came away with them both being listed at 2.5 mil for XV (this number may be wrong, but I haven't seen anything yet that explicitly stated 5 million for the PS4) and 2 mil for persona 5 respectively for comparison.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@jbreez00: what is your source? according to the article below, ff xv sold 7m copies on ps4 and x1... the pc port wasn't even out at the time.

of those 7m copies, you can use your better judgement to figure that at least 5m were sold on ps4 since there are 2.5X ps4's in the world vs x1, not to mention, jrpg fans typically do not game on xbox and concentrate their attention on playstation. you can even look at the sales of ff xiii on ps3 vs 360 and see the massively wide margin there. vg charts also lists 5m copies sold on ps4.

playstation has a rich culture and history when it comes to jrpgs... much more so than nintendo since jrpgs were pretty much absent on the n64, gamecube and wii. the ds got a fair number as did the 3ds, but generally speaking, jrpgs have a much stronger presence on playstation platforms. nobody will ever know what the numbers would have been if octo released exclusively on ps4... but it is very likely it would have performed the same if not better on ps4.

at any rate, the game should NOT have been a switch exclusive. it makes no sense. you can disagree all you want, but publishers want to make as much money as possible, and i think there is a good chance a ps4 port is in the works.

Avatar image for jbreez00

@Xristophoros: I put the search in for units sold of Xv and forbes gosunoob and a few others only had it listed as numbers shipped, so I went with Wikipedia for an actual number sold on the PS4 and not shipped altogether so that's bad source gathering on my part.

Think about it like this though, the PS4 has several exclusive 3rd party exclusives (console since some did go to steam), persona 5, dragon's crown, Odin sphere, king of fighters 14, guilty gear xrd, Nex machina, the Yakuza series, BlazBlue Central fiction, and I won't count under night in birth and they snatched street fighter 5. But if Sony can have all of those, the switch can have an RPG where it doesn't really have any, for a time.

Avatar image for sakaixx

As long as the chapters this time is only up to 5.