New Borderlands Game Revealed, It's Not What You Think It Is

It's an interactive streaming series.


Genvid Entertainment and Gearbox have announced Borderands EchoVision Live, an interactive streaming series. It's a community-led game where players decide how a story unfolds, similarly to something like Twitch Plays Pokemon.

The game follows eight tourists who want to be Vault Hunters. After spending money on a tour of Eden-6, they find themselves stuck in the town of Greywater Junction. They must work together and overcome bandits in order to survive.

The audience will engage with the story to determine how the characters develop and decide their fates. "Every decision you make, every moment you participate matters.” explained Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid Entertainment in a press release. "This is your chance to make a mark, to leave a legacy in this world. Decisions don’t have a reset button and are shared by all participants."

"We love the Borderlands universe because the fanbase has fully embraced its focus on diverse characters, heartfelt storytelling, and irreverent humor, traits that fit our communal storytelling format perfectly," added Genvid Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Stephan Bugaj. "Borderlands EchoVision Live is not only a brand-new story and cast set in the Borderlands universe, but an exciting new type of experience for the franchise in which the entire audience collaborates and competes to drive narrative outcomes."

Genvid Entertainment is also currently working on Silent Hill: Ascension, which is another interactive streaming series. While it's unknown which platforms these games will be on, Genvid uses its own technology and its games usually run on services such as Facebook. Additionally, a new Borderlands compilation may be coming soon as a rating in South Africa appeared earlier this week.

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