New Bloodborne Art Depicts the Awful Foes that Lie Beneath

Screens showcase the Chalice Dungeon's ghoulish 'protectors' and 'protector ritual masters'.


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Sony has revealed new art and screenshots of Bloodborne, its gruesome PlayStation 4-exclusive action-RPG.

The images, found below, depict new foes that lurk in the Chalice Dungeon--a sprawling catacomb that lies beneath the city of Yharnam.

Revealed in the new screens are "the protectors" and "the protector ritual masters", two classes of enemy that dwell solely in the Chalice Dungeon. Masaaki Yamagiwa, a producer at PlayStation's Japan studio, describes both classes as "born in the depths of the dungeons and having never seen the light of day."

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, he adds: "These pale-skinned masters of the deep roam the halls, protecting the secrets held within."

Developer From Software recently announced that Bloodborne has been delayed from early February to late March.

The studio has revealed that the Chalice Dungeon will be a unique network of tunnels that can only be entered by using holy chalices. However, each time the player enters these dungeons, its layout will change.

"These dungeons are filled with traps, nightmarish creatures, and of course rewards for brave and skilled hunters to claim whether they complete them on their own, or with the help of other hunters online," Yamagiwa adds.

"Chalice Dungeons add a ton of additional content and replay value to the depth and richness of the full game itself, and can even be uploaded for other people to try out. Share your dungeons with your friends, or go online to find new Chalice Dungeons to explore. Even after you master the game, discovering all of the secrets it has to offer, there will be new challenges awaiting you."

Look below for screens depicting the chalice dungeon's grand gothic halls, oily swamps, and its final enemy, the ancient guard dog.

Click on the thumbnails below to view in full screen
Click on the thumbnails below to view in full screen
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