New Berserk Screenshots Show Gross Boss Monsters

Take a look at Wyald, Berserk's new playable character, and a range of other uggos.


Koei Tecmo has released a few new screenshots for its upcoming Berserk game. The screenshots include Wyald, the monkey-faced apostle that was recently announced as a playable character.

Also included are a few boss characters in the Dynasty Warriors spin-off. Those with familiarity with Berserk will know its universe is brimming with monsters of disturbing design. For those not familiar with the manga or anime series, behold:

Click image to view in full screen
Click image to view in full screen

Beserk is developed by Omega Force, the studio responsible for the Warriors games, with longtime Berserk manga writer and artist Kentaro Miura writing it. The game was first revealed in June, but at the time it was only confirmed for release in Japan, where it'll be available on PS4, PS3, and Vita.

Berserk will be released for PS4, Vita, and PC outside of Japan sometime this fall. Physical and digital versions will be available for PS4, while it'll be a digital-only release for Vita and PC (through Steam). A PS3 release won't happen in North America or Europe.

According to Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma, Berserk will be "enjoyable even to those who don't normally play games."

"In this game, players can experience and immerse themselves into the world of Berserk as the main character Guts, wielding his powerful weapon Dragon Slayer mercilessly slashing enemies in half, and through the massive story beginning with the Golden Age arc," he said.

"The game content will be enjoyable even to those who don't normally play games, so we hope all fans of Berserk will give this game a go. Become a member of Guts and his group, and experience the exhilaration of the most lethal Warriors game within the intense world of Berserk."

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