New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Has Loot Boxes, Coming This Year - Reports

2018's Battlefield title is not the rumoured Bad Company 3, but something new instead.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Has Loot Boxes, Coming This Year - Report

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced that a new Battlefield game is coming this fall, but at the time the company shared no details about it. Now, GamesBeat is reporting that the title is called "Battlefield V," and it will be set during World War II just like Call of Duty: WWII.

The report credits this information to sources "familiar with EA's plans." The game is coming from Battlefield series developer DICE, which is based in Sweden.

According to the report, Battlefield V was at one time known internally at EA as "Battlefield 2" before changing names. Importantly, the game is not a remaster of 2005's Battlefield 2, but instead an all-new game set during WWII. EA will announce it soon, according to the report, which makes sense given that this title will be playable at EA Play in June.

GamesBeat reports that EA and DICE decided "several years ago" to move away from modern-day and near-future settings for Battlefield games. 2016's Battlefield 1 was set in World War I, a time period that no other entry in the series had explored before. The game was immensely popular. It was the second best-selling game of all of 2016, only behind Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and just last month EA announced that it passed 25 million players.

According to USGamer, which has heard the same information as GamesBeat about the new Battlefield game, the title will have loot boxes. However, they will reportedly only contain cosmetic items. Battlefield 1 also has loot boxes with cosmetic items. Whatever the case, this is notable given that EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II offered game-affecting items in its loot boxes, and this created quite a stir.

It has been a while since Battlefield went to World War II, as the most recent game set during the conflict was 2009's Battlefield 1943.

Also in the report is some sad news for Battlefield: Bad Company fans. The rumor that DICE is working on a third entry in the series set in the Vietnam War is not true, the report said, though it noted that DICE is considering fan feedback and may resurrect the series someday.

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Avatar image for crashtestguy

I think its time for world war 3 in the real world. After that Battlefield and Cod will have a new theme/setting.

We had a few american school shootings. Maybe Battlefield : American School Shooting / Battlefield ASS


Avatar image for wretch1d

Im in two minds about this, WW1 was a fresh perspective which no one had done and it worked great, WW2 is a great setting but its been done to death, heres hoping they pull it off and make a great game, and also i hope they keep the MT's to how they are in BF1, all cosmetic and you can earn battle packs in game so no need to spend real world money.

Avatar image for clay544888

**** YES!!! Finally my dream come true. A NEW Battlefield WW2 game with THESE graphics? Count me in! Now I can experience realistic battles like Saving Private Ryan with next gen visuals! All it needs is the gore and extreme violence....too bad on that. :/ Well I hope to God that they have an Omaha Beach map where all NPC's are actual people! Should be hella epic! Can't wait now!

Avatar image for infiniin

Hard pass with plain reasons:

>WW2 garbage spam (srly, how many fps were made set in WW2 era over 2 decades?)



Guess another year will be occupied by csgo, overwatch, bf4, fortnite and oh forgot to mention - BO4 until we get 'real' BF5 not BF5 WW2 hybrid or BFBC3

Avatar image for skot_free

I kind of miss Battlefield 1942 on PS3...but I was hoping for that Vietnam game they just said wasn’t going to be made. My guess Is EA is trying to tap into that COD money.

Avatar image for legendaryh1tman

This is bullshit. Honestly BF1 burnt me out from old school warfare. This WW2 Battlefield going to be just as boring after while. Then they gonna **** the progression system up with the loot boxes.

Man what a time it is. I think this just might be the first Battlefield I skip since Bad Company 2. I'm top 100 in the U.S. on PUBG right now so f*** it. It's a pass if this is true. I'll just catch the shit on EA Access later. DICE is losing sight of things.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

As long as the lootboxes aren't as bad as Battlefront 2 I don't care.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

I have a bad feeling that loot boxes will become a part of our games whether we like it or not. I just hope that in doing that, the developers will still deliver 100% full games to us without the necessity for grinding or microtransactions. If loot boxes and all of the MT stuff has to be in our games, that's fine as long as it's 100% optional without them feeling even the least bit necessary.

Avatar image for ratchet200

As long as the loot boxes ONLY contain cosmetics, i'll be fine with this.

To be honest, WWII is a bit more interesting to me then WWI anyway.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b63f02158cce

I'm not looking for a WW2 shooter, Come on Red Dead, Rockstar know how to give what gamers want!

Avatar image for jodomar

OMG have they learned?????? Only cosmetics for loot boxes, can I believe this? Other than that, **** ya I want to play WWII even though battlefield one feels more like WWII already, but it is fun.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c746fddbe486

Awesome, now EA let MS 4K enhance Bad Company 2

Avatar image for EricShadow366

"Has Loot Boxes." aaaannnd I'm out.

Avatar image for gamersince78

im done with Battlefield until they release another bad company...BF 1 was fun, but got boring quickly...I hate conquest, and this seems to be the only game mode battlefield takes seriously...Rush was always my actual objective...Bad company was created with rush maps in mind.

Wake me up with they remember about Haggard and Sweet Water.

Avatar image for cboye18

@gamersince78: Hands-down the best FPS multiplayer I've ever played since!

Avatar image for oo7superdave

battlefield 1 was a lot of fun, but i am not that excited about a ww2 game. I would pay full price for a Bad company 2 remastered edition. Change nothing about the game not the mechanics or the maps, just update the graphics!!!

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@oo7superdave: HELL YEAH!!! Bad Company 2 Remastered!

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

Pride. And. Accomplishment.

Avatar image for MaddenBowler10

Actually, a futuristic Battlefield like Battlefield 2142 sounds very appealing. WW2? Not so much anymore..

Avatar image for Mogan

@MaddenBowler10: 2142 is still my favorite Battlefield, and Titan is still my favorite game mode.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

If it's cosmetic loot and the updates are free and don't require "premium" I'll get it since BF1 was fantastic and this series is practically made for a WW2 setting.

Otherwise it's going to be a pass.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@Ohaidere: True that Battlefield was originally a WW2 game, and tht BF1 was fantastic.

Avatar image for novaprime1985

EA killed the Command and Conquer, Dead Space & now Mass Effect.
and the glorious dev teams at both Westwood Studios & Visceral.

they even shitted on the Syndicate series by trying to turn it into an FPS genre.

You are fucking bugging if you think ill ever give them another cent, they dont give a flying **** about publishing great games, they're just trying to corner the market on popular titles and multiplayer "experiences".

Avatar image for Mogan

@novaprime1985: 2012's Syndicate was a really fun shooter though. I still wish we'd gotten a second one of those.

And yeah, EA presided over the deaths of C&C, Dead Space, and Mass Effect ... but they also made those series what they were in the first place. C&C and Mass Effect's biggest, most ambitious games were published by EA, and Dead Space was EA from the start. EA's track record of dropping franchises/developers as soon as they think their money will get a bigger return somewhere else is a real raw-ass business strategy that consistently pisses off gamers who can prioritize their emotional attachments over profits and making the numbers go up. But it's also made EA's numbers go steadily up ever since the big dip in 2008. Now they're doing better, financially, than maybe they ever have.

I miss Dead Space and Mass Effect, but I can't really be that mad at a big company for acting like a big company when it comes to making game. I'm only looking out for myself when it comes to buying games, after all.

Avatar image for knvb7oranje

I'll be on BF4 until a game comes out that can pass it...

Avatar image for jodomar

@og_gamerzzz: I thought it was one of the best. Still would like vehicles to spawn normally in the map and the flight mechanics from the 1942 I still think where the best. These new flight mechanics just feel wonky and weird. Maybe its because I play to much War Thunder so my expectations of flight mechanics are to damn high.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@knvb7oranje: BF:BC3 should have been exactly that.

Avatar image for firepinch

Battlefield 1 had some loot boxes. Can someone explain the difference, please?

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@firepinch: Has anyone actually purchased a BF1 loot box, ever?

I would love to hear from someone/anyone who has.

Avatar image for tombranch

@firepinch: They are cosmetic, in essence, its not really a big deal because it just makes your guns pretty, visual additions dont affect game-play, however, in battlefront, they directly sold statistical advantages for money, which is a different ballgame.

Avatar image for Mogan

@firepinch: We weren't super mad about the idea of loot boxes in 2016, but now we are.

Avatar image for KungfuKitten

@Mogan: :D Yes. Well... people were mad just not saying much. Then BFront2 came and everything went Bang!

Avatar image for Pyrosa


BF:BC3 or nothing.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@Pyrosa: THIS^^^^^


Avatar image for jodomar

@PSYCHOV3N0M: I must be one of the few who just didn't like bad company at all. Maps were just way to small, and not enough vehicles.

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

I'm really enjoying the moral outrage here. Oh no, loot boxes that contain only cosmetic things!! Pay to win!!

I hate loot boxes as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to avoid a potentially fun game because they offer cosmetic items for real money. Now, if you could just straight up buy the best guns with real cash, yeah, that's a game changer.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@93ChevyNut: Will be pretty hilarious to remember all the "no buy" comments when the game comes out and breaks all the records

Though it has been like-hate-like-hate-like-hate-like-hate dance for a couple of decades now. About time it boils over. Around 2005 EA was the satan himself, but then they released Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and couple of others and all was dandy again. Fast forward 10 years and here we are again.

Avatar image for tombranch

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Its hip to hate, to be against the next big thing, as long as the loot boxes are cosmetic, i couldn't give a flying turtle toss.

Avatar image for jodomar

@tombranch: With you on that one. Now if they can add back in artillery with the spotting mechanic from 1942 and the flight mechanics from 1942, I'd be overjoyed.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@tombranch: I don't either, if the game is like the 10-20 year old Fifa or Street Fighter games where extra jerseys and costumers are only a bonus. The real meat comes from the stories, careers, statistics, unlocks...

But these days there are a lot of games that revolve around unlocking the cosmetics. Either by playing for hours and hours for something very simple, or by skipping ahead and buying the stuff. The stories and other stuff are just barebone placeholders. That kind of progression simply means the game isn't enjoyable, unless the gameplay itself is 11/10 magic.

Avatar image for translucent17

Kinda spent again on ww2 after playing the new COD, seems like the shooter genre has been done and done again. Be nice to see a new take on a lengthy single player shooter game.

Avatar image for jodomar

@translucent17: Yeah but the new COD was la Poo.