New Battlefield 5 Story Trailer Rises To The Occasion

This is war, son.


Battlefield V returns to World War 2, which means a lot of focus on the heroism of a just cause, the Greatest Generation, and all the imagery that entails. The single-player story trailer embraces that spirit wholeheartedly with a cinematic presentation that intermingles personal sacrifices with the bombastic moments that come in a theater of war.

In it we see a variety of characters as the globe-trotting campaign features War Stories from different regions' soldiers taking part in the conflict. It doesn't shed much light on the particular arcs of these disparate characters but we do get a good idea of the variety of backgrounds and settings for the battles.

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Battlefield this year is introducing Firestorm, a new Battle Royale mode with a 64-player max. It's also taking its time to make some adjustments following feedback from the open beta.

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