New Battlefield 1 Video Teases Lawrence of Arabia Mission

Don't mess with the Bedouin.


EA has released a teaser for one of the missions in Battlefield 1's single-player campaign. As previously announced, the game's story is made up of five "war stories," one of which involves playing as a Bedouin warrior and fighting alongside the legendary Lawrence of Arabia. This is the chapter featured in the video below.

We get to see a female Bedouin character demanding information on the train seen in the Sinai desert multiplayer map, which she wants to lure it into a trap. The person she's talking to, which could be Lawrence of Arabia, replies by calling her "enchanting." He gets clocked in the face for it.

The Lawrence of Arabia chapter is called Nothing is Written. The remaining chapters are called Friends in High Places, Through Mud and Blood, Avanti Savoia, and The Runner. You can read about each of these missions here.

The goal of these missions, according to EA, is to spotlight lesser-known elements of World War I.

"When we set out on this game, we wanted to depict not just the common view of what the war was like," said lead designer Daniel Berlin. "We wanted to challenge some preconceptions. We want to delve into some of the unknowns of WW1. Maybe people don't know that this person fought or that person fought, that this army was involved. We're stretching out and bringing all those stories into the game."

Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. EA/Origin Access members can start playing on October 13, while people who buy the Early Enlister edition can get in on October 18.

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