New Battlefield 1 Teaser Video Highlights Melee Combat

A full trailer arrives on June 12.


Ahead of a full new trailer coming at EA's pre-E3 event, the company today released a short new teaser trailer for Battlefield 1.

The 15-second video claims to be comprised of in-game footage from the Xbox One version. It provides a brief look at a battle from a trench, followed by a scene where a soldier runs across a battlefield while being shot at. With Battlefield 1 focusing more on melee combat than in the past, the soldier manages to avoid being killed and ends up whacking a guy in the face with a trench-raiding club. This all happens from a perspective you wouldn't normally see things from while playing, but it all looks very pretty nonetheless.

The video concludes by announcing a new trailer will be revealed on June 12. That's the date of the EA Play event, which begins at 1 PM PT. If a trailer isn't enough, EA will also livestream a 64-player match at 2 PM PT, according to the official website.

Battlefield 1 is slated for release on October 21, though you'll be able to play it as soon as October 18. A beta is expected sometime prior to that.

For more, check out recent interview with developer DICE, as well as everything we know about its single-player and multiplayer components.

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