New Battlefield 1 Custom Game Mode Announced, Makes Scouts Deadlier

The "Line of Sight" gametype debuts later this week.


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A new Battlefield 1 custom game will arrive this week, developer DICE announced today. The game is called Line of Sight, and it's a spin on Rush where you can only play as the Medic or Scout classes.

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A further twist is that Scouts have double bullet damage, making them even deadlier. If you're on the Medic side, which sees no extra perks, you'll need to use your health packs wisely to ensure you and your teammates stay alive. The gametype arrives this week, though a specific date was not announced.

This won't be Battlefield 1's first custom game, as one called Fog of War arrived earlier this month. This gametype saw extra levels of fog dispersed through the map, making it tougher to see.

DICE also reiterated today that Battlefield 1's first DLC map, Giant's Shadow, is coming out in December as a free download for all players. As announced previously, this map is set during the Battle of the Selle in France, in the fall of 1918. Its name comes from the fact that a huge crashed airship casts a shadow on the map.

Looking beyond Giant's Shadow, the first Battlefield 1 paid expansion, They Shall Not Pass, comes out in March 2017. Everyone who owns the $50 Battlefield 1 Premium Pass gets a two-week headstart on all DLC and receives other bonuses like server queue priority and extra Battlepacks.

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I was really rubbish at bf3

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this is simply a great way to try and level up your scout class, thats all.

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I wish we could get a more authentic mode with bolt action rifles, shotguns, pistols, and grenades only.

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Still considering getting this game. If I do it, it'll be for the campaign story line mode and not for the MP mode?

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@jomi101: NEVER buy MP game for it's tacked on SP. Games like this are built for MP which is where all the value is at if you are a MP type player. Having said that, Titanfall 2's SP was pretty damn fun, but I plan on playing the MP which is the only reason I got it.

If you don't plan on playing BF1's MP at all I'd skip it altogether imo.

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The campaigns pretty bad, and very short, and also pretty repetitive on some of the missions. So heads up on that.

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@jomi101: rent it, it's a 4 hour story and not a very good one at that

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@jomi101: rent it then. Or get a loan of it. The single player is very short

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@richcz3: Hadn't thought of that. I change my stance on this gross game mode.

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Already bored of this game

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@se7en1989: Will u recommend it, cause I'm still on the fence with this one?

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@jomi101: I have over 120 hours into the game. It's great and I recommend it.

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@se7en1989: Link them stats lol.

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@se7en1989: whats your gamer tag?

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$50 for more skins? PASS. Hey there is a game mode that should be in the main choices like TDM **GUN GAME!!**

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@Darkangel2154: Where did you get skins from? Can't tell if troll or moron.

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@nanosuituser059: Pathetic.

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@Darkangel2154: $50 for all the DLC mate. And gun game doesn't belong in a battlefield game. Too arcade

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I'm really looking forward to the new map. But these custom game modes... eh.

Here is a custom game mode for you: The game mode is basically operations, make it grittier akin to hardcore, make it so every class can only carry bolt action rifles. Only iron sight bolt action rifles. And only headshots and shots in the heart are insta kill.

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Okay, if they did that, i'd rebuy the game again.

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Snipers with double damage? This doesn't sound fun at all...

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@dirthurts: Fun for those F*:*$'g Snipers... I'm more of an Assault and Support kind of guy, so hopefully we'll see some type of Custom mode geared toward that...

Even though I hate Snipers, I like the idea of Class Specific modes...

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doesn't make sense... how can a sniper get double damage and then a med pack be used.... what it mean... i stub a toe and i die after being hit... not sure this was clearly understood.

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@untouchables111: I hope it's just a subtle way to subvert the amount of snipers and medics that don't PTFO and will act as a sort of internment camp for people who don't know how to play conquest mode.

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@Raidendude153: it's possible to ptfo as scout but the vast majority of players I see hide and go for long shots. I almost always boot scouts from my squad for this reason