New Battle Royale Game Hits Steam, Looks Like Fortnite, And Lets You Ride Horses

Your move, Fortnite.

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Smite and Paladins developer Hi-Rez has released battle royale spinoff called Realm Royale. The free game, which is in Early Access, is available now on Steam.

As you will immediately notice, Realm Royale is inspired by Paladins, the studio's hero shooter that itself bears a resemblance to Blizzard's Overwatch. What separates Realm Royale from Fortnite and other battle royale games is that you always play in a four-player squad, and you can choose from five different classes that have their own unique perks and abilities. For example, the Mage class can cast spells and do damage from far away, while the Warrior is a frontlines fighter. The Engineer class can create defensive barriers to shield their squad from attacks.

Another feature that Realm Royale has that other battle royale games don't is what's called "Disenchant." When you see weapons on the ground, you can disenchant them to turn them into shards. You can then take those shards to a forge on the map to craft legendary-level armor, weapons, and abilities. However, when you're crafting something, a plume of smoke emerges from the forge which everyone on the map can see. Additionally, you can ride a horse in Realm Royale; your move, Fortnite.

Realm Royale is free, and while microtransactions may be added later, none are in the game now. As mentioned, this is an Early Access game, so it is unfinished and could be buggy at times. Hi-Rez said it has big plans to expand and evolve Realm Royale over time, and as such, it will stay in early access until it is finished. There are currently five classes, 17 weapons, and 25 abilities in Realm Royale, which supports 100 players (divided into teams of four). All of the core gameplay is in the game currently, though Hi-Rez warned that it is not in a fully polished state right now. Things like player levels and cosmetics you can unlock will be added later.

Hi-Rez has launched Smite and Paladins on console, but there is no word yet on if Realm Royale will come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Avatar image for decimdp

okay, but what about "Looks Like Fortnite" wtf, just because the "cartoon" graphics? where in fortnite you have class and habilities? the game is different from fortnite, like fortnite is different from pubg because you can build, I never understand why that "extra! extra! a new game has come(a new copy of a successful game of course)" noticies every day, everything is a copy. never a original idea, we don't have a batte royale with some class and skills, this is not like fortnite

Avatar image for agentbb007

Ninja is playing this game this morning it's about to explode, RIP Realm Royale servers.

Avatar image for adham12

It's NOTHING at all like FN, Lol .. Did you ever play it even?

Avatar image for pizzaboy66

Can’t Hi-Rez be original for once? The BR genre is already over saturated enough.

Also “your move Fortnite”? With how popular Fortnite is, you can’t be serious (also Fortnite has shopping carts, horeses are nothing compared to that)

Avatar image for pizzaboy66

@pizzaboy66: ok after looking more into it, this is more original than your typical BR knockoff. But is it really needed when Fortnite and even PUBG are still dominating?

Not to mention Paladins still left a horrible impression when they tried to go P2W again. I don’t think this will be any better.

Avatar image for NuDimon


Well at least they backpedaled hard on the P2W.

Avatar image for pizzaboy66

@NuDimon: no they didnt. And it still matters that they even considered it

Avatar image for NuDimon


They cut that system out completely. It's not pay to win in the slightest now.

Avatar image for pizzaboy66

@NuDimon: Keep dreaming. The fact they even considered is bad enough

Avatar image for NuDimon

@pizzaboy66: They admitted they made more money on the pay to win, but it made morale in the studio lower. And that's why they changed direction. Though it's fine that you don't trust em after they did the pay to win, I just had to correct the false statement in your previous comment. Because the pay to win has been out for months. Your feelings on the matter is none of my business.

Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

Don't worry guys, the innovation in games will come soon. Just wait till this trend of multiplayer copy-ideas-and-paste dies.

Avatar image for naruto945

No console release? That's what made fortnite the Juggernaut it is today

Avatar image for decimdp

@naruto945: but the game is in alpha now '-' don't released in pc, how in consoles? lol

Avatar image for genji_shimada

@naruto945: It will hit consoles soon like all their other games. Paladins took a while to hit consoles and so did smite.

Avatar image for BassMan


Avatar image for Hagan

RIP Fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for pizzaboy66

@Hagan: Don’t be so sure.