New Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf screens

Take a look at a batch of new screenshots from the upcoming expansion pack to Battle Realms.


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Ubi Soft has just released a new batch of screenshots from the forthcoming add-on to the martial arts-themed real-time strategy game Battle Realms. The Winter of the Wolf expansion actually takes place seven years before the events of the original game, and it chronicles the story of the mighty Wolf clan and its pursuit of freedom from the clutches of the Lotus clan. Players will assume the role of Grayback, a Wolf hero who frees his people from enslavement at the hands of the wicked Serpent and Lotus clans.

Winter of the Wolf adds one new structure to each of the four clans, two new units, and a new hero unit. Additionally, the game will feature two new environments--the shale mines and a snowy world--both of which will actually have an effect on gameplay. The new campaign spans 11 single-player missions, and the expansion pack will also ship with about 30 new multiplayer maps.

Winter of the Wolf will be available in the first weeks of September, and unlike with most other expansion packs, a copy of the original game is not required in order to play it--the game will ship with a copy of the original Battle Realms in the box. For more on this game, take a look at our previous coverage here.

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