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New Batman Game Teased Again From WB Games Montreal

Capture the Knight.


WB Games Montreal has been hinting at what appears to be a new Batman game, and the studio has now dropped another new teaser. The latest comes in the form of multiple images that fit together to form a crest.

The teasers dropped across social media sites Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be put together into one image. The images can be composited to show a crest, similar to American government iconography, with an eagle on top. The teasers were accompanied by the slogan "Capture the Knight."

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This is the same slogan as the last teaser, which also showed a series of crests morphing in rapid succession. This one is new, but no more clear as to the meaning of it. Fans have long speculated this next game will center on the Court of Owls, a shadowy Illuminati-like organization that brokers power in Gotham. The eagle crest could throw a wrench in that theory, but it's too early to tell without an official reveal.

WB Montreal is the studio behind the spinoff prequel Batman: Arkham Origins. That game received mixed reviews, including a 6/10 from GameSpot, in part because it came so close to Rocksteady's games that it didn't stand out. Now with a years-long gap since the last Arkham game, Rocksteady's Arkham Knight in 2015, Montreal might have more opportunity to make its own way.

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