New Batman Game Coming from Arkham: Origins Dev, as Suicide Squad Title Is Canceled - Report

The Batman game will reportedly star Damian Wayne.


Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal was working on a Suicide Squad game, but it has been canceled, according to a new report. Sources told Kotaku about the reported cancellation and went on to claim that the studio is now working on a Damian Wayne Batman game.

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According to Kotaku's three sources, the Suicide Squad game--which was never officially announced--was scuttled earlier this month "following a long period of turbulence" at the studio. The game was reportedly in the works for at least two years. Like the movie, the rumored game would have starred a team of anti-heroes; there might have been a co-op element.

A Suicide Squad mobile game, Special Ops, launched this summer alongside the movie. Additionally, Warner Bros. released a Suicide Squad-themed update for the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

As for the Damian Wayne Batman game, Kotaku heard that it was planned to be revealed at the start of December. That didn't happen, and a reveal before the holidays may not happen.

Arkham Origins, a prequel, came out in 2013 for last-generation consoles and PC. It was not included in the recently released Return to Arkham bundle.

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Not Damian, anybody but Damian. PLEASE

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Suicide Squad would've been an awesome game and a great branch out from the same-old same-old Arkham Batman game. I went into watching the Suicide Squad movie "knowing" I was going to hate it. I came out loving it.

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What are Rocksteady up to these days?

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@barcaazul: Busy being steady like a rock

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@barcaazul: Well it was originally rumored that these guys were doing the next Superman game....obviously that doesn't appear to be happening. Perhaps they actually pushed that off to Rocksteady; that would be amazing!

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Needed to have been the Nightwing spinoff. Merge together components of MGS5(sneaking;targeting)/Assassin's Creed(parkour fluidity)/Spiderman (melee; grapnel swinging) gameplay mechanics. Set in Bludhaven. Feature cameos of Damian. I can see it now, the tutorial is a teenaged Robin being instructed basic controls by the Batman down in the batcave. At the end of it there's an argument over crimefighting philosophies leading to Dick Grayson tearing off his mask and flinging it. He wakes up in his loft and it's showtime. He puts on his domino mask once more, appearing as Nightwing this time as he swings open a huge glass pane to step out into the neon lit city.

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Good news. I need another Batman game.

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I'd so much rather a Suicide Squad or a JLA game......but not if it's just another 1v50 Assassins brawl type sick of that kind of gameplay.....

also i don't trust this dev.....they've proven themselves to be utter sh**t......

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@darthrevenx: "they've proven themselves to be utter sh**t"

I disagree.they managed to make a much better story and bossfight battles for Batman compare to rocksteady.

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Things like this are unthinkable. 2 years of ~100 people's work. Around 200,000 man/hours wasted... GONE. Is it fair to throw away something like this? The work of 100 professionals over 800 days? Unthinkable.

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I honestly don't care for Damian Wayne enough to even consider buying a game about him. The Suicide Squad one was a better idea

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I'll never buy anything from them, I couldn't even finish the damn game because of the bugs they refused to correct. So **** them.

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@nazart81: I was going to post the same thing. They cared more about finishing the dlc then fixing the game crashing bugs. For that I'll never buy another game from that studio. They fucked themselves on that one.

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Hated this studio ever since they said they would not patch bugs in Arkham Origins because they were too busy making dlc. Definitely not buying this game as I've promised to boycott WB Montreal.

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@superbry23: That's a bit hypocritical. It was obviously WB's call. So it would be logical to boycott all of the WB's games.

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@superbry23: I was going to say the same thing. I'm glad someone still remembers it.

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@rmiller365: I haven't forgotten. I'm with you there.

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Would've preferred a Suicide Squad game over Damian Wayne. I wish that character would just disappear.

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Canceled a Suicide Squad game. I thought WB wanted to succeed?

Smh. Either way, that's saddening news. At least, however, the public didn't get any glimpse of what was, so that's not too bad.

Time to continue waiting for Injustice 2, which is coming out in 2025 where the PS12 is the king of consoles and the Xbox brand is ded. ;)

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Damian? Well, I'm saving the money then.

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Damn. I wanted a terry mcginnis(batman beyond) game.

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@dorog1995: same here. They had a batman beyond outfit in Arkham Knight... that made me think about how much cooler the game would have been with batman beyond's powers instead of original batmans clunky movement and powers.

Theres no doubt batman beyond must be made at some point since they can't just reboot the batman story so soon, so it would provide a good game to fill in time till they do that.