New Batman Game Coming from Arkham: Origins Dev, as Suicide Squad Title Is Canceled - Report

The Batman game will reportedly star Damian Wayne.


Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal was working on a Suicide Squad game, but it has been canceled, according to a new report. Sources told Kotaku about the reported cancellation and went on to claim that the studio is now working on a Damian Wayne Batman game.

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According to Kotaku's three sources, the Suicide Squad game--which was never officially announced--was scuttled earlier this month "following a long period of turbulence" at the studio. The game was reportedly in the works for at least two years. Like the movie, the rumored game would have starred a team of anti-heroes; there might have been a co-op element.

A Suicide Squad mobile game, Special Ops, launched this summer alongside the movie. Additionally, Warner Bros. released a Suicide Squad-themed update for the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

As for the Damian Wayne Batman game, Kotaku heard that it was planned to be revealed at the start of December. That didn't happen, and a reveal before the holidays may not happen.

Arkham Origins, a prequel, came out in 2013 for last-generation consoles and PC. It was not included in the recently released Return to Arkham bundle.

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