New Batman Film Written By and Starring Ben Affleck Revealed

Acclaimed comic book writer Geoff John is co-writing new movie, according to report.


Ben Affleck will co-write, direct, and star in a new Batman standalone film. That's according to a new report at Comic-Con this week from reputable Hollywood news site Deadline.

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Citing "studio sources," the publication claims that Affleck--who plays the Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice--is teaming up with DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns for the untitled movie.

Johns has written a number of acclaimed comic books for DC including the ongoing Batman: Earth One. John is also accredited with rejuvenating interest in Green Lantern, and helmed the New 52 reboot of Justice League.

Affleck and Johns could submit a script as early as this summer, according to the report. It still sounds like early days for the new Batman movie, however, as the site goes on to say that Affleck will not start production on the movie until after he completes his big-screen adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel Live By Night.

Live By Night is currently pegged to hit theaters in fall 2016

The new Batman movie, meanwhile, might not arrive until 2018 at the earliest The report claims the movie's plot would reflect "the Batman character that emerges" after next year's Batman vs. Superman and 2017's Justice League. Might want to get comfortable, Batman fans.

Affleck is no stranger to the director's chair. He previously directed Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo. That last film earned him an Academy Award for Best Picture, his second, following his Best Writing award for Good Will Hunting.

What would you like to see from Affleck's upcoming Batman movie? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to follow along with our Comic-Con coverage all weekend long.

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Gigli? Why are you dressed like Batman?


Oh. Thats a real shame.

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At first I hated the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman, but after seeing the trailer I've changed my mind. Can't wait for this movie.

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Not game related

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@ckraemer624: thanks

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Good riddance Christian Bale. One less foreigner portraying an American hero.

Now if only we can reclaim Superman.

I've never understood this lame business of having Brits portray American characters and vice versa -- there's enough actors from either nation to play their own race/nationality.

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@ECH71: You realize Superman isn't even from this planet, right?

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@Kisaka: +1

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@ECH71: lol, so much rascism.

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@ECH71: You hire the best actor, not the best accent.

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Eh, we shall see. Ive enjoyed every Batman movie up to this point, from 1989 onward. His couldnt be any worse really.

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All of the movie reboots ARE getting old but i try to stay optimistic and hope the movies are great. Itll be tough seeing a new Batman but what are we gonna do? Hope for the best. BTW Superman MOS was bad. Like 6/10 bad. Way to many plot holes and goofs.

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@mrwarcriminal: Provide the plot holes/goofs.

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@putaspongeon: dont know but shouldnt batman just be able to take supermans mom hostage while lois lane finds out who batman is so that superman can just kill him in his sleep and shouldnt we already know everything about super strong humans with wonder woman and batman villains being around for the last decade...

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@remoticons: It's possible that 1) The villains weren't hevaily publicized or 2) Batman was only dealing with regular villains and the clayfaces don't come around till around now.

Anyway no idea what you're talking about but lois lane never finds out who batman is.

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@putaspongeon: hehe i never said she did, how is that even possible when batman wasnt even in the first movie haha.... i said, shouldnt she be able to since she easily found out who superman was, and he was moving around a lot. bruce wayne owns big ass buildings i=P

well everything is possible, that not make plot holes or goofs go bye bye. i really hope this movie is good though, (both this and the superman vs benman)

but damn, like what, 4 years away!

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@remoticons: Batman wears a disguise, Superman just puts on glasses

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@putaspongeon: oh so everyone knows who superman is in the movie then? i mean, everyone that has met both clark and superman?

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@CallMeDuraSouka: ben affleck is actually a great writer/ guy is a cartoon that is inferior to the simpsons and south park

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@ronan32: I'll give you South Park but Simpsons lost its luster years ago. While Simpsons always tended to have better story arcs, Family Guy has always been more funny. I can't go back and laugh at even the best Simpsons episodes but I can always find humor in FG's mocking of celebrities and society, however dumb it may be.

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@ronan32: whoa whoa whoa! ranking goes south park, archer, family guy, south park old episodes, simpsons =P

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Haters gonna hate!

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"Tell me, do you bleed?"

"Every freaking month."

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@jyml8582: dude....sick....

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Nope. I like Affleck's smaller productions, but his big budget productions rarely work out, if ever.

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Batman vs Superman looks like pure garbage, so I doubt this'll be much better.

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First the batmobile disaster. Then the historically broken PC port. Now this? Poor batman.

This sounds like a sick joke... Maybe it's an evil plot by the joker himself to hummiliate the bat in every possible manner, media related?

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@ogremalfeitor: Damn you Joker!!

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@ogremalfeitor: Yup. It's the ultimate Joker plan.

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Holy IGNspot Baymang.

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Although he doesn't have the physical build for Batman I always thought the actor who plays Don Draper on Mad Men would make the perfect Bruce Wayne, and if he worked out would make a good Batman as well.

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man I'm pretty much tired of Batman news...

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Everyone said Heath Ledger would make a terrible joker....

I'll wait and see how this plays out.

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@tomahawk08: And Heath Ledger was average at the Joker, but overly dick riden because he died.

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@tomahawk08: While I respect & agree with your wait-and-see approach, an argument can be made concern over Heath Ledger playing joker was mainly around him never playing a character like that before (to my knowledge) Ben Affleck on the other hand has played a similar character & has failed miserably

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@fanboyman: daredevil right?

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@tomahawk08: IMO they were right. HL's Joker looked and sounded like an angry clown with a alcohol and drug problem. If you've played the games and atleast seen the animated series, you can see how far off he was. But the man died and now it's the best joker ever b'cus reasons.

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@Molokai16: but also the nolan trilogy wasnt very comic booky... if that makes sense... this universe is incomparable to the nolan one. also, we basically only have 2 jokers in movies... jack nicholson and heath ledger,,, so yeah he is the best one, by far.

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@Molokai16: It has nothing to do with the fact that he died. He did an amazing job as the Joker. He made the Joker into the twisted, crazy, I want to watch the world burn, diabolical freak he is supposed to be. Why would you want him to portray the Joker the same as Hamill or anyone else? Its the actors job to take a character and make it their own - not play it the same way as someone else did. I mean, why make reboots at all if you are going to make them exactly the same as their predecessors? Ledger's Joker fit very well with the Nolan's vision of Gotham.

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@bdrtfm: Hamill's joker IS just like that. Twisted, crazy, I want to watch the world burn, diabolical freak, but with laughter! Ence called The Joker: He's supposed to be cracking up while he blows sh!t up, throwing out jokes and such. In Nolan's movie you only hear him laugh like 2 times. Other than that being "Twisted, crazy, I want to watch the world burn, diabolical freak" it's a pretty generic super-villain, really. Don't get me wrong, his appearance, like clothing and hair style and the make up was fine, I liked it. It's just that if he had laughed more in that movie then yes, he'd be a great joker. Take Jack Nicoleson's joker, for exemple, THAT was a pretty damn good joker, he was doing his own thing and laughing like a maniac - as a character like the Joker should. But being a little nitpicking here the only bad thing about that one, is that he was kinda fat and old looking for a joker, haha. Other than that, he was basicaly spot on!.

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@Molokai16: Well he wasn't trying to be the "Joker" you are comparing him to.. I think he did a great job at what he did. His acting was on point. But for me personally there will never be another Joker/Batman other than Mark Hamill/Kevin Conroy.

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@Chaos_Dante_456: Then don't call him Joker becuase he's not the Joker.

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Personally, I hold the view that actor for Batman/Bruce Wayne shouldn't be a Real Pretty Boy (TM) in the first place. Reasonably handsome, sure, but not overly so, and he should have strong enough facial features that he could conceivably take all punishing Batman ends up taking and, well, Affleck and Bale both have a tad bit too fair features. I don't really follow actors in general so I had to browse IMDB's top male actors, but from there e.g. Jason Clarke ( ) looks much more suitable, IMHO. He's also not a bad actor, either, as what I've seen about him in movies he has a good range of expression and can feasibly convey complex emotions.

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What will the launch be like on PC tho?

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@moose-fitz: lolz... "ha, ha, ha,ha... and I thought MY jokes were bad..." :-P

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@moose-fitz: haha good one

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I'm actually for this. I know I'm in the minority, but I've grown bored of Bale's Batman.

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@JustPlainLucas: "grown bored"

wasnt the last batman like 3 years ago... =S

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@JustPlainLucas: "grown"

I was done with it after batman begins.

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I think Ben Aflack should portray the Jim Gordon batman that rides around in the bunny ear rabbit suit. BTW for those unfamiliar with the new batman, you owe it to yourself to look it up.