New Away Team Web site launches

Activision announces a new online site for its upcoming Star Trek tactical combat game.


Activision has launched a new Web site for Star Trek Away Team, its upcoming strategy game that focuses on squad-based tactical combat. The new site features profiles of the characters found in the game, news updates, downloads, and a description of the background story. The game takes place in the Star Trek: The Next Generation setting, and it features a variety of environments, including a Borg cube, the interior of a Romulan warbird, the Klingon homeworld, and many others. Players assume command of a small group of characters who all have a different set of skills, including medical, engineering, science, and security. Each character must be used effectively in order to complete the various missions.

For more information about Star Trek Away Team, take a look at our previous coverage and visit the official Web site. Star Trek Away Team is scheduled for release in late March.

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