New Atari Console Will Bring "Current Gaming Content" As Well As Classic Titles

"Our objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari."

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Now Playing: GS News Update: New Atari Console Will Bring "Current Gaming Content" As Well As Classic Titles

Atari has revealed new details and images of its first console in over 20 years, the Ataribox. The company has said it wants to bring both "current" and "classic" gaming content to the new device, which will contain "modern internal specs."

Atari said in a newsletter to fans (via Kotaku AU) that its "objective is to create a new product that stays true to our heritage while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari." As such, it intends to launch two editions of its new console: a red/black version and a wood version. The company stated that both variants will possess "a smooth design, with ribs that flow seamlessly all around the body of the product, a front panel that can be either wood or glass, a front facing logo, indicator lights that glow through the material, and an array of new ports (HDMI, 4xUSB, SD).

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"As you can guess, those ports suggest modern internal specs," the publisher added. "It also means that while we will be delivering classic gaming content, we will also be delivering current gaming content."

Take a look at the first images of the new device--which is separate to AtGames' NES Classic-like Flashback 8 microconsole--above. No price or release date have been announced for the Ataribox, which was first teased in June, though the company said "lots more information and status updates" will come as development progresses.

The last Atari console to launch was the Jaguar in 1993, but the releases of the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1995 further hindered the Jaguar's already-struggling sales. Ultimately this lead to a decline in fortunes for Atari, which had previously pioneered the games industry in western markets with titles such as Pong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders.

The Atari brand has since changed hands a number of times. More recently the majority of the company's business has been in publishing mobile games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, though the current owner of the Atari name--Atari SA, previously called Infogrames--is almost entirely separate from the original company from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

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Avatar image for bat725

Atari, Nintendo, and Sony: The best gaming companies of all time!

Avatar image for rdwolf260

Wait, didn't Atari went bankrupt in 2013? I have an eerie feeling it's one of the creditors of Atari attempting to cash in on Retro mini NES success to squeeze every bit of money from that corpse of a company.

Avatar image for swisdwag

Atari, don't do it. Reconsider.

Avatar image for cjtopspin

They will have to barebones their licensing fee to compete and attract developers...

Avatar image for mitchell2211

But can it run Bad Rats?

Avatar image for Dogswithguns

Oh yeah...... but why tho?!

Avatar image for Milknweed

They are gonna need quality exclusive content if their gonna be able to burst threw the gate running.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Milknweed: is it easier to throw gates while running ? could be awkward ?

Avatar image for RabbiSchmuley

@ltjohnnyrico: their gonna is going to have to worry about that

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@RabbiSchmuley: indeed!

Avatar image for d_

Can’t say I give a fudge about classic Atari games & its not how I’d be marketing this thing unless they just want it to appeal strictly to 40+ year olds. Its already got everything else beat in sheer sex appeal & I’d buy 1 in a heartbeat if they were actually making a console designed to compete with the likes of Sony/MS.

Avatar image for ecurl143

Form factor is sweet but it needs something serious under the hood to get my attention. Playing 50 year old retro games isn't going to fly with me unfortunately, since there's plenty of other ways to play those types of games anyway. That just isn't a big enough selling point.

Xbox1X is out soon and I doubt Sony will be sitting on their arses for long before they shove something even more amazing our way.

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

I'm on that.

Avatar image for GameboyTroy

With the way this gen is I'd like to see another console maker get involved in console gaming. Things could be more interesting and competitive.

Avatar image for slypher9

@GameboyTroy: no it wouldn't.. If apple was to come in, they'll like approach Nintendo as both seem to like closed stuff..

Too much diversity can be a bad thing and a competitor will be killed... aka sega

There's nothing NEW apple can bring, what they can do is make hardware for Nintendo and they and Nintendo partner on game development... Nintendo making there usual and apple, doing more serious tone games

Avatar image for GameboyTroy

@slypher9: This is mainly about Atari. If they can make a console that is good enough things would be more interesting.

Sega are still making games as a 3rd party company.

Avatar image for badwedgie00

Can you imagine third-party companies like Square-Enix, Namco, etc making games for Atari? It would be nice to have another platform for great games like Nier Automata, Tekken 7, or Call of Duty. Minimal loading times because SD cards are used as cartridges, and during longer periods of loading you can play Pac-Man, Defender, or some other Atari classic. Personally, I'm excited to see another competitor come to the market. Everybody wins because consumers are treated to more content, there are more jobs made for other people, and companies turn a profit. Maybe this will be the console to play all types of games -- vintage, classic, mobile, modern, console, etc.

Avatar image for consolehaven

@badwedgie00: Well, the system will probably be made to cater to the retro crowd forst and foremost. Expect it rather to appeal to the indie crowd and Ataris own published content. Frankly, I would be surprised if they released a console equal to Sonys and MS offreings, or even the switch for that matter.

Avatar image for bigdaddyshouse

And who's going to support this?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a0b0bf0c8fa5

If Atari could put out a console that matches modern consoles technological fidelity then this market will get a lot more interesting, sadly as others have speculated the 'modern gaming content' will most likely be limited to a bunch of small mobile games.

Avatar image for tony56723

So Ouya 2.0?

Avatar image for djwood84

@tony56723: The idea behind Ouya was solid. The execution was the disaster.

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

The biggest news here is that Atari still exists.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

I briefly hoped we'd get another console to stimulate competition, but this isn't going to be it. As many speculate "modern gaming content" likely means Android apps or some such nonsense.

Avatar image for detroitking02

Low-midrange steam box ?

Avatar image for Silverline62

The next Ouya, this is crowdfunded. Lol thanks but no thanks, that is already a huge effing red flag right there.

Avatar image for itchyflop

Its nice to see but why oh why??

Stiff competition from the big boys!!

good luck to them

Avatar image for GameboyTroy

@itchyflop: Nintendo's 3rd party support is trash and Microsoft needs to put more effort into making more good 1st party games. The XB1 is in a 1st party drought right now.

Avatar image for itchyflop

@GameboyTroy: Hi,

So which platform do you currently own?

Nintendo's chief 3rd party support is Nintendo thats why you buy one to play the Nintendo games that they make and they sell that premise to you (in my opinion). I have recently re-purchased a game cube for this reason.

You neglected to mention Sony in your comment or mobile gaming.

Im sure last time I looked Microsoft have delivered some quality games? Forza being one?

My point this will hit that niche market offering older gen of gaming as well as current. Doesn't a PC offer that already, which is essentially what this is? Hasn't his been tried already and failed.

Hey if you dig the look and wanna pay out for that go for it.

I personally would love Atari to make a massive comeback, but times change, they had theirs and they blew it then with ET!!!!


Avatar image for detroitking02

@GameboyTroy: Actually M$ studios makes more games then Sony . PlayStation is just buying the exclusive rights to games.

Avatar image for GameboyTroy

@detroitking02: PlayStation is just doing their job.

Avatar image for rockfield

Looking forward for its release but hopefully, it could make it to the console wars.

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4c0b80dcd76

"Where did you learn to fly?"

Avatar image for itchyflop

@mbrogz3000: lol, totally hear you!!

im thinking the same.

Avatar image for soul_starter

It's not really Atari lol

But ANYWAY, that console looks gorgeous! And I can see them going down the indie route, so making a console powerful enough to play modern indie games, digital only most likely. Stuff like that might sell well.

Avatar image for thereal25

Not so sure that vintage games will sell that much, but if they make a powerful console with a decent cpu - that could be interesting.

Avatar image for muzza93

The console itself looks fly af

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

So when Nintendo does it everyone is complaining how they want one but cant find it because of short supply. What is so bad about this, of course we dont have many important details just yet.

What if they make this to be able to play every Atari game ever released. How is that a bad thing, i would buy it. I mean i can emulate any old game on my PC but its not the same.

Again its too early to tell, it could work out to be great or a flop. One would hope they do this right

Avatar image for TakShack

@dudebropartyyo: I highly doubt it would play every Atari game ever made due to licensing. That's why things like Atari Vault only contain games Atari has the rights to rather than games you'd expect to be there. Also it would be exactly the same as emulating via PC, because it is going to be emulating these games itself. That just leaves the "modern" elements, which I am anticipating to be Android like every other "console" outside of the big three. It's not going to be competing with Nintendo, it's going to be competing against things like Nvidia Shield and Amazon Fire TV.

Avatar image for Redblaze27

@dudebropartyyo: Ouya

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

@7tizz: LOL. There's no competition here. They can't afford to include worldwide publishing deals for modern triple-A games on console that currently has zero users. Nor can they afford to hire any reputable devs to make exclusives for that exact same reason.

I think the hardware is meant to run some stupid Android apps as "modern games". This is as potent threat to gaming industry as Ouya was.

Old classics are not enough to make this a hit, and because there's no user base to speak of, it won't attract any major devs/publishers = dead console. It's just a nostalgy fix for old fans, not a real contender in the industry.

Avatar image for deactivated-5bda06edf37ee

@7tizz: oh you mean your delusional point can't be argued, because trying to argue it only makes me a panicking fanboy, no matter what i say?

of course... gotcha. like trying to argue with a brick.

Avatar image for GameboyTroy

@7tizz: I'd like for it to be a hit.

Avatar image for melante

This is going to be an Android box like Ouya...

Avatar image for Redblaze27

@7tizz: Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

@melante: Who cares what it is as long it plays every Atari game ever made. Cant even compare the two just based on actual games.