New Assassin's Creed Comic Takes The Hit Franchise To The Vietnam War

The struggle between assassins and the Templars continues in February.


As far as the Assassin's Creed series goes, 2019 was a pretty dry year. However, in 2020, fans of the beloved video game series will be getting some new content in the way of a comic book. The upcoming Titans Comic story transports readers to the Vietnam War in Assassin's Creed: Bloodstone.

The hardcover story begins with a Japanese hacker who finds a Templar data leak. Upon investigating this leak further, he's able to relive the memories of an assassin during the Vietnam War, as the struggle between assassins and Templars continues. Check out the cover and a couple interior pages below.

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The upcoming comic is just the first part of the story. Writer Guillaume Dorison (Assassin's Creed: Conspiracies, Devil May Cry) takes readers on this journey along with artist Ennio Bufi (They Made History). The 48-page hardcover will retail for $10, and it goes on sale on February 19, 2020.

Next month, Titan Comics brings the Assassin's Creed series to Russia with The Fall & Clan. That book stars assassin Daniel Cross and "tells of Daniel's rise and fall through the ranks of the Assassin Brotherhood, and his subsequent rise through the ranks of the insidious Templars."

Titan Comics has also expanded on the Assassin's Creed world by exploring assassins during World War II in Assassin's Creed: Conspiracies, which came out August 2018. That two-part series followed a rookie assassin who had to stop the Templars from using an atomic weapon.

As for the upcoming Bloodstone, you can pre-order from your local comic shop or find it online when it releases on February 19, 2020.

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