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New Arcade1Up Jr. Line Is Specifically Designed For Kids

Arcade1Up's new Jr. line will initially offer Pac-Man and Paw Patrol cabinets, which are smaller in size and feature larger buttons than normal arcade cabinets.


Arcade1Up has made a name for itself selling arcade classics in cabinet form for relatively affordable prices, and now the company is set to debut a new line of arcade cabinets designed specifically with kids in mind.

Called Arcade1Up Jr., the new line of arcade cabinets are smaller in size compared to other cabinets offered by the company, sporting larger buttons, 8-inch monitors, and even in-game features to help children learn how to play games. Arcade1Up Jr. cabinets will come pre-assembled, meaning they are ready to be played straight out of the box after being plugged into a power source, and also come with a stool.

The cabinets are 3 feet tall and designed to be played by kids age 4-8. So far, two cabinets in the line have been announced--Pac-Man and Paw Patrol. Each cabinet will include three games. The Pac-Man cabinet will include Namco classics Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga, while the Paw Patrol cabinet will include Paw Patrol: Chase is in a Race, Paw Patrol Off Duty, and Paw Patrol Pups on the Go.

Arcade1Up's official listing for the new cabinets describe them as "an ideal way to introduce your kids to the magic of the arcade experience you grew up with, in a vibrant preschool age form factor."

Pac-Man will go on sale starting October 15, with Paw Patrol coming a month later on November 15. Both will sell for $280, and will be available at most retailers, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop, and Amazon.

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