New Aquaman Trailer Sees The Hero Don His Comic Book Costume

Jason Momoa makes that goofy suit look good.


During New York Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Pictures revealed the new trailer for Aquaman. Although the video contains several scenes we've seen already, it expands on most of them and details more of the upcoming movie's explosive action and goofy humor.

The first half of the trailer focuses on Arthur's origins as someone who's half-human and half-Atlantean, before closing on an amusing scene where Arthur and Mera are searching for the Trident of Atlantis. However, the big reveals are in the latter half of the trailer. First, starting at 3:20, we get our first good look at Black Manta. Even if Aquaman is setting up Orn, aka Ocean Master, to be the big bad in this movie, it's Black Manta who's commonly associated as the archenemy of Arthur Curry.

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In the comics, Black Manta, who's real name is David Kane, has a vendetta against Aquaman after the undersea hero kills Kane's father. Kane would go on to have a half-Atlantean son who would grow up to be Aquaman's sidekick. Even if Black Manta plays a minor role in Aquaman, his presence hints at several future stories we can look forward to.

The other big reveal is right at the end of the trailer. In the final shot, we get a good look of Arthur suiting up in the gold and green uniform that the character wears in the comics, as well as several of the animated series and movies. He's also holding the Trident of Atlantis, completing his look as the Aquaman. Aquaman arrives in theaters on December 21.

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