New Apple TV Remote Reportedly Won't Work As A Game Controller

The new Apple TV remote reportedly lacks controller functionality for tvOS games, instead prompting you to use an older remote or a PlayStation or Xbox controller.


Apple appears to be stepping back from a first-party game controller solution, as the next Apple TV remote will reportedly not double as a gamepad.

The company debuted the new Apple TV and remote at this week's Spring Loaded event, showing off its physical clickpad, power and mute buttons that connect to your TV, and a Siri button. But MacRumors notes that it has dropped the accelerometer and gyroscope, which effectively disables its ability to double as an Apple TV game controller. Instead, once tvOS 14.5 hits, you'll reportedly be prompted to connect an older Apple TV remote or any other compatible device like a PlayStation or Xbox controller.

The new Apple TV is said to have a stronger gaming focus thanks to its now-confirmed faster A12 chip and rumored expanded game controller support in the new OS update. But PlayStation and Xbox controllers are common and standardized, and the Apple remote has lacked functionality (like four shoulder buttons) that's becoming more common in App Store games that support controllers.

The new Apple TV is set to launch April 30. Aside from the new remote and A12 chip, the new model will feature a color balance feature using your iPhone and the ability to play Dolby Vision videos from your iPhone 12 through AirPlay.

The Apple event also brought announcements of a new purple iPhone color, a release date for Ted Lasso season 2, new colorful iMacs sporting the proprietary Apple M1 chip, along with iPad models using the same M1 chip. Preorders for the iPads begin on April 30, and the iMac and new iPads are coming in late May.

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