New Apex Legends Update Fixes Bangalore MIL-SPEC Skin, Sentinel, And Rampage

You shouldn't have to worry about Bangalore's new legendary skin crashing your game anymore.


Respawn has released a new update for Apex Legends. The update reinstates Bangalore's legendary MIL-SPEC skin, as well as the Sentinel sniper rifle and Rampage LMG.

The MIL-SPEC Bangalore skin was removed from Apex Legends as equipping it to Bangalore and then selecting to play as the character would cause your game to crash on the legend select screen. The glitch would cause your squadmates' games to crash too.

Respawn writes that this new update should fix that issue--you can safely equip the skin again if you have it, and now buy it from the in-game store during the limited-time Dark Depths event if you've yet to unlock it.

Both the Sentinel and Rampage had been removed from Apex Legends after a discovered exploit was allowing players to charge both weapons indefinitely. This new update fixes that issue, so you shouldn't be running into players with supercharged Sentinels and Rampages anymore.

The update also implements a nerf for the Rampage. Bullet damage has been decreased from 28 to 26, and thermite consumption per shot has been increased while the LMG is in its charged state. So not only is the gun weaker but it won't stay charged for as long as it once did the moment you pull the trigger.

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of its Dark Depths event, which adds the new Habitat map to Arenas, 40 aquatic-themed cosmetic items to the in-game store, and a free three-week reward track. The event will continue until February 1--if the Season 11 battle pass is any indication, that's days before the end of the season and the start of Season 12.

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