New Apex Legends Trailer Details Seer's Abilities

Seer will join Apex Legends on August 3 with the launch of the game's Season 10 update, Emergence.


After being revealed along with the game's Emergence update during this year's EA Play event, a new trailer for Apex Legends has focused on its next character, Seer. Specifically, the trailer goes over the mysterious character's abilities, which show him acting as an alternative to Bloodhound.

Like Bloodhound, Seer's specialty is tracking, and while his abilities don't down enemies or stop bullets, they do provide squads with valuable information.

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Seer's passive ability is titled Heart Seeker and serves as a throwback to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's heartbeat sensors. By aiming down sights while playing as Seer, players can hear and see the heartbeats of nearby enemies, giving them a good idea of when another player is close by.

The upcoming character's tactical ability, Focus of Attention, is a bit more useful in combat. It sends a swarm of micro-drones forward, emitting a blast that interrupts and reveals enemies. Seer's ultimate ability takes that one step further. When players use Exhibit, they create a massive sphere of drones that reveal the locations of anyone fighting or moving quickly inside of it.

Seer will join the cast of Apex Legends alongside the game's Season 10 update, Emergence, on August 3. Along with the new character, players will find a suite of new content in the game. A new LMG is being added, called the Rampage, which can break down doors when fully charged. Map changes are also on the way, with multiple alterations being made to World's Edge. Three new arena maps are also being introduced, titled Hillside, Dome, and Oasis.

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