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New Apex Legends Season 7 Trailer Reveals Horizon's Backstory

In a new story video, Apex Legends details the backstory of Horizon, the new character coming to the game in the upcoming Season 7.


Apex Legends' Season 7 is just around the corner, and while we still don't know that much about it, we now have a solid date for its launch. According to developer Respawn, the new season is coming on November 4, and it will bring a fresh map to the game, as well as the requisite new character, Horizon.

While details on Horizon's kit are thin on the ground, a new video from Respawn does give her backstory. Her real name is Dr. Mary Somers, and she left her home planet of Olympus to seek out a solution to her world's energy crisis--leaving behind her son in her wake. However, she was betrayed and left to drift in space by a woman who fans speculate might be Ash, another figure in the Apex/Titanfall universe. Now, 87 years later, she fights in the Apex Games in order to keep the promise she made to her son by returning to her own time.

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Considering Horizon's background as an astrophysicist, it's likely that her kit will revolve around manipulating gravity. Season 7's new map is titled Olympus, and it's an airborne city that looks to have a lot of opportunities for verticality, as well as nasty falls. Season 7 will also introduce an airship called the Trident that players can use to get around Olympus, though it's not clear what exactly it will entail.

Apex Legends' ongoing Fight or Fright event will continue until November 3, offering new skins and a limited-time mode. Respawn also announced that the Switch version of the game has been delayed to 2021.

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