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New Apex Legends Season 21 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Alter's Abilities

In addition to sharing the newest Legend's in-game abilities and information about a map being reworked, the trailer also gave players a surprising update: Solos Mode is back.


With the launch of Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval just a few days away, Respawn Entertainment has released a new gameplay trailer, giving players a better idea of what kind of new features they can expect from the upcoming season. Surprisingly, those features include the reintroduction of Solos Mode, which hasn't made an appearance since 2019. Respawn has previously stated that the mode would never return.

"Solos will run as a six-week takeover of Duos for the first half of the season," Apex Legends events lead Mike Button said during Season 21 previews. "We're excited to give everyone an extended period of time to experience this new take on Solos, and for us to be able to collect more feedback over the course of a longer run. With growing demand from players, and a desire on the [development] team to explore the concept again with everything we've learned since the mode's last appearance in 2019, Upheaval seemed like the right time to reintroduce a Solos experience to Apex."

Per the gameplay trailer, Solos Mode will now include new features like fully kitted weapons for players to make use of, along with the introduction of Respawn Tokens to give players who collect them a second chance at life. You can get a look at more changes in the Apex Legends Season 21 patch notes.

The trailer also revealed that Broken Moon has been given a makeover for the upcoming season, with the biggest change being the removal of the Promenade POI, which will be replaced by a new POI called Quarantine Zone.

Naturally, the trailer also gave fans of the franchise a better look at new legend Alter, and her abilities, which are listed below:

  • Tactical: Void Passage--Create a portal passageway through a surface
  • Passive: Gift From The Rift--Remotely interact with a deathbox to claim one item (cannot be armor).
  • Ultimate: Void Nexus--Create a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location.

Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval goes live on Tuesday, May 7 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET with a new battle pass.

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