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New Apex Legends Awakening Collection Event Trailer Unveils Valkyrie's Heirloom

Along with a new collection of cosmetics, the event brings back the Control LTM and debuts Lifeline's Town Takeover.


Respawn Entertainment has just announced Apex Legends' latest in-game event: the Awakening Collection Event. A new gameplay trailer reveals the event's collection of stunning cosmetics, including an Heirloom weapon for Valkyrie which will become available once the event goes live. The Awakening Collection Event will also see the return of the fan-favorite Control LTM, along with the debut of Lifeline's Town Takeover.

Control, a limited-time game mode run by Silva Pharmaceuticals and Chevrex, is returning to the game in the wake of Apex Legends' most recent episode of Stories From the Outlands. Released earlier this week, the new episode focused on Lifeline and Octane's troubled relationship with their parents, who staged a hostile takeover of both Lifeline's Frontier Corps and the Mercenary Syndicate itself last season. With this in mind, it seems that Control's return--and Lifeline's Town Takeover--are directly connected to recent plot developments.

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But modes and map updates aren't the only changes coming to Apex Legends in this event. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the new content hitting the game alongside the launch of the Awakening Collection Event.

Control makes a comeback

As mentioned above, the popular Control game mode will be back for a limited time. Control pits two teams of nine players against each other in a battle to control three zones. This time, however, Control will be played on World's Edge for the first time, after coming to Olympus and Storm Point in previous seasons. For tips on improving your ratings in the delightfully chaotic game mode, check out our Control LTM guide.

Lifeline's Town Takeover

Lifeline is finally getting her Town Takeover in the form of Lifeline's Clinic, a new POI that can be found on the eastern side of the Olympus map. Within Lifeline's Clinic lies a circle filled with healing drones just like Lifeline's beloved DOC drone. Players standing within the circle will automatically connect to a healing drone when injured, making it much easier for squads to defend the clinic from enemy players.

Valkyrie's Heirloom

As seen in the gameplay trailer, Valkyrie is finally receiving her own heirloom weapon: The Suzaku, a silver spear with gilded accents that pays homage to Valkyrie's Japanese heritage and gives her a similar appearance to that of the valkyries found in Old Norse mythology. The Suzaku can be obtained either by purchasing all 24 cosmetics in the Awakening Collection Event, or by purchasing it directly from the Mythic Store via Heirloom Shards once the event has come to an end.

A closer look at the Suzaku spear's detailed blade design.
A closer look at the Suzaku spear's detailed blade design.

Collection cosmetics

In addition to Valkyrie's Suzaku Heirloom, the Awakening Collection Event brings with it an ensemble of 24 cosmetic rewards which are only available while the event is live. Among them are Legendary character skins for Fuse, Horizon, Loba, and Mad Maggie, as well as the usual gun charms, emotes, weapon skins, and banner cosmetics that debut with each new Collection Event.

Many of these cosmetics were leaked by a dataminer earlier this week, and it is now clear that the leak was indeed legitimate. Collecting all 24 cosmetic items is the quickest way to ensure you snag Valkyrie's new heirloom, as Heirloom Shards are extremely rare--there is less than a 1% chance of receiving them when opening an Apex Pack, though you are guaranteed to receive one set of Heirloom Shards for every 500 Apex Packs opened.

So players who are really itching to get their hands on Valkyrie's heirloom weapon should act fast. For those who are dead-set on obtaining Valyries's new heirloom, it is far cheaper to purchase all 24 Event Packs to claim the Suzaku spear for 16,800 Apex Coins (roughly $170 USD) while the event is live than it is to purchase 500 Apex Packs for 50,000 Apex Coins ($500 USD) once the event is over.

Free rewards

Collection cosmetics can be quite pricey, but thankfully, they aren't the only cosmetics players can earn in the Awakening Collection Event. The event also has two weekly reward tracks which allow players to complete challenges in return for free cosmetics. Completing both weekly reward tracks will earn you cosmetics that you don't have to drop real-world money for.

The Awakening Collection Event will be live for two weeks, so make sure any event-exclusive cosmetics you desire are purchased before the event ends. More information about the event can be found via Respawn's official blog post, which describes the latest update in detail.

Apex Legends is available for free on console and PC.

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