New Anthem Trailer Explores Story, Combat, And World

Singing a song.


EA has released a new trailer for Anthem, the upcoming action game developed by Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio BioWare. The trailer is called "Our World, My Story" breaks down two of the central pillars of Anthem, providing an insight into how players will experience the universe the game is set in and the narrative it tells.

"At the heart of Anthem is the concept of Our World, My Story," BioWare says. "The distinctive combination of a shared, dynamic world and a personal story. Discover how these two elements help create a connected world that remains unique to every player.

"The world narrative advances for your whole team," it continues. "You'll get further into our world by taking on explosive missions offered by agents who need your help. These missions take you deep into the heart of anthem, while also developing the personal stories of each agent. Outside of the battles there's freeplay, a chance for you to explore solo or with friends, uncover answers your questions about Anthem, and find powerful artifacts that could lead you to victory down the road ... This is real-time storytelling, a reinvention of personal narrative in a multiplayer game."

People will get an opportunity to sample some of this when a demo for Anthem is released on February 1, 2019. Announced during the game's PAX panel, the "VIP demo" will be available to EA/Origin Access subscribers on Xbox One and PC. Access to it will also be granted to those that pre-order on any platform, which means those with a PS4, where EA Access is not available, won't be left out.

At PAX, Anthem lead producer Mike Gamble said the demo is not "a tech test or a beta looking for feedback" and is instead a "slice of our game." EA has confirmed the Anthem release date as February 22, 2019, so the wait to play the full game after the demo won't be too long. Since its showing at E3 2018 executive producer Mark Darrah has been answering questions about about the game on Twitter. You can read about all these Anthem gameplay details here.

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So this is what siphoned resources from Mass Effect Andromeda which caused it to die as a mediocre pile of crap. Awesome. The thing with EA why continually take a dump on a fanbase and expect them to support you. Seriously the shittiest company in all of gaming. I used to not jump on that bandwaggon, but it's true. It's 100 percent true.

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Bring on the loot!

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If Anthem is to other loot shooters what SWTOR is to traditional western MMOs, then I'm down. The thing that keeps me from ever getting to WoW's, or ESO's, or Neverwinter's end game is how incredibly boring it is to level a character in those game; but SWTOR has a comparatively strong story and good leveling content for an MMORPG (despite it being far, far too easy). Destiny, Borderlands, and The Division don't really have particularly strong or personal stories, and I think that's something Anthem could do to be different and stand out.

Might not work out, but at least this doesn't seem like just a Destiny clone made by a studio that isn't known of it's strong shooters.

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"Explosive missions"......WTF does that even mean?? Now they're just throwing word-salad out there.

Also - is it me or does every single one of the "character interaction" grabs in there look tacked-on? That lady with the weird headpiece......she was so low-res it was really worrying. I seriously don't think that they had ANY story-based ANYTHING in there until there was an outcry from their fanbase.

No preorders. This 'trailer' is nothing more than junk voiced over by some woman who doesn't even know an Xbox from a Playstation.....that just gives us more of the same schtick that we've already seen about this game. It is a Destiny reskin.

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Anthem... EA/BioWare just seems to shoot themselves in the foot anytime they bring up this game. They contradict themselves in different interviews about what the game actually is and what you as the player can expect to do; and their 'trailer' seems like one long PR shtick trying to defend one of EA's odious business practices... Which it kind of is essentially.

You can tell this game is in trouble already simply because the people making it can't seem to decide if it's a story-driven RPG ala BioWare classics such as Dragon Age or Mass Effect, a semi-MMO TPS ala The Division, or a "Destiny clone with mechs and jump-jets". They're trying to convince people to get this game because of... well; they can't seem to figure out what exactly quite yet. Sad.

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I wouldn't play this for the story. It would be all about that loot grind.

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@RELeon: Which is EXACTLY what Bioware has just recently confirmed it is. Looting & shooting.

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It just feels like a re-skinned Destiny with Jump Jets. I'm still pumped to play Anthem but it feels like it's gonna be a grind the same way Destiny is.

Same repeated missions... go here, kill this guy, come back collect loot weekly, go here and kill this guy collect different loot, new week new missions, this time go to this cave, kill this guy grab loot, followed by go under the ocean kill this monster collect loot. Weekly strikes or whatever Anthem decides to call them.

Destiny was marketed the same way with the whole... the hub where you meet others and make your own story within our world etc. I highly doubt this will be any different. I hope this exceeds my expectations. But so far I'm only interested in trying out the jump jets and flying around to be honest.

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@hollywood1: You want a game where you cannot go anywhere and cannot kill? You’re own real life is about going somewhere and doing something. You have a better suggestion for a video game rather than not going somewhere and doing something there?

You clearly didn't read the article or watch the video. There is no hub in Anthem. That is the point of this article. You are alone in fort Tarsis to experience the lore at your own pace. There are no other players at all. When you go in the open world you meet with other players.

And how do you know it is about grinding when they have revealed so far next to no info about the rpg aspects?

Your comments is the most generic comment I have seem in a while.

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@dante_the_xii: Sheeesh. Calm down, there is no need for you to write a thesis on how you disagree with my comment. SO you don't agree, get over it.

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@hollywood1: sheesh? I am calm. Tried to give arguments what you wrote is generic af with the hope you can reflect. But no, you are a tough guy in the internet who like to sheesh people. Try harder pls

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meh.... Still not impressed and more than a few months away for a demo when I'm probably even less interested. Enough time to add more and change things I guess.

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“However, from what was revealed, these interactions are extremely limited. Conversations are only sets of two choices. These are not “yes/no” but they seem to be generally opposite tones. The outcomes of these choices affect your relationship with these characters, and the visual arrangement of the area around them, but it’s unclear what else happens due to them.

The devs also clarified that there are no decisions that impact the story during missions, so I would not expect anything like the awesome Rachni Queen decision point popping up in Anthem.” - Kotaku

So the story stays the same regardless of what you do......

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@ixidjfrizzixi: That is biowares specialty.

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It's your personal story - pay no attention to the fact that everyone else got the same story and there are no actual consequences to your choices because we can't have that in our MMO.

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Still AO forced multiplayer garbage? No thank'yee.

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Anthem looks good; I like what I've seen of the gameplay. I'm not sure how much I'm going to care about the "my story" part of the game, since the little bit of the character interaction and writing I've seen has reminded me more of Andromeda than anything else, but I don't think that's why I'd play a loot shooter/RPG in the first place.

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@Mogan: I hesitate to call this an rpg. This is what frustrates me about loot shooters though if they took the necessary steps to make it more like an rpg then the game would be a better experience overall.

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@gamingdevil800: Maybe. I don’t think RPG shooters tend to play well if the RPG side starts effecting the shooting mechanics very much.

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@Mogan: Why would they affect the shooting mechanics? Roleplaying, levels, and looting has no real impact on shooters...or any other genre for that matter. RPG mechanics in general are more of a tool that people frequently mislabel a "genre". They can be added to pretty much anything.

The only real element that sets them apart is tying progression to statistical advancement, ie. if you're not strong enough (levels, gear, whatever), you can't win. Again, this mechanic is hardly exclusive to any one genre. You can put it into anything.

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@Barighm: Like in Mass Effect 1, or Fallout 3/New Vegas, or Alpha Protocol; where the player really, really sucks with firearms until they put a bunch of points in those skills. Shooting weapons in a game like Anthem needs to be strong, reliable and feel good from the very start.

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@Mogan: So this will pull you away from Destiny 2?

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@nsa_protocol44: No idea. It’s coming out months after Forsaken, so it’ll probably drop at a good time for me switch over.