New Anno 1503 screens

Sunflowers releases three new screenshots from its upcoming real-time strategy game.


1503 A.D. - The New World

German game company Sunflowers has released some new screenshots from its upcoming real-time strategy game Anno 1503. The screenshots show off a new feature in the game designed to let players know at a glance what the approximate status of the food supply in a city is. When food supply is plentiful, the inhabitants of the city will remain in their houses, only venturing out to the market occasionally. If food supply runs low, however, the villagers must stand in line at the food stand in the market, which leads to angry crowds.

Anno 1503 is the sequel to 1602 AD, which was released in early 2000. For more information about 1602 AD, read our in-depth review of the game. To find out more about the upcoming Anno 1503, take a look at our previous coverage. Anno 1503 is scheduled for release in October.

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