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New Animal Crossing Seasonal Items Now Available

Two new items for Japan's Obon festival have been added to Nook Shopping until August 16.


Two new seasonal items are now available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In celebration of Japan's Obon festival, Nook Shopping is selling an eggplant cow and cucumber horse for a limited time.

The new items will be on sale until August 16 and cost 500 bells apiece. The two will rotate daily, so you'll need to check back to get both. To order the items, open the Nook Shopping catalog either from your NookPhone or the NookStop terminal in your island's Resident Services building, select Special Goods, and flip over to the Seasonal tab.

Eggplant cow
Eggplant cow

A few other seasonal items are also still available to order. You can purchase a Hikoboshi and Orihime outfit until August 14, while the rodeo-style springy ride-on will be available until August 15. The outfits each cost 2,500 bells, while the springy ride-on is 2,000 bells.

Orihime outfit
Orihime outfit

The new Obon items were added as part of the 1.11.0 update. That patch also introduced a few other new seasonal items to the game, including boba and cotton candy. Those treats can be won from Redd's stall during August's fireworks show, which takes place every Sunday evening this month. Moon cakes and other moon-viewing food items will also be available from Nook Shopping in September.

In addition to the new seasonal items, Nintendo has released a new 1.11.1 update for Animal Crossing. That patch primarily resolves a few issues that arose in the game following the aforementioned 1.11.0 update, including a bug that caused seasonal clouds to not appear as intended. Nintendo says that more Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates are coming later this year.

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