New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Characters Revealed, Plus The Return Of Old Faves

We're willing to bet that most players will unlock the Town Hall first, just to see Isabelle again.


All of the Animal Crossing games are filled with a collection of adorable anthropomorphic animals (save for Mr. Resetti--he can go to hell). In the February 2020 Nintendo Direct, we see that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no different, featuring a motley crew of faces, some old and some brand-new.

The Direct revealed several brand-new characters: Daisy Mae, C.J., and Flick. Daisy Mae is a turnip seller like Joan, while C.J. seems to represent the Fishing Tourney and Flick seems to handle the Bug-Off (Joan is mysteriously absent). We also got names for the two dodo birds that operate the airport and fly the private plane; they're Orville and Wilbur, an homage to the Wright Brothers. (You can read more about the game in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons review-in-progress.)

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Longtime fans will recognize the Museum (traditionally run by Blathers and Celeste), Nook's Cranny (traditionally run by Tom Nook or his children), and Able Sisters (traditionally run by Mabel and Sable)--all hallmark stores of the Animal Crossing franchise. Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Campground (overseen by Harvey) makes a return too.

Isabelle will return from her summons to rumble in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to join your fledgling town as well. Once you upgrade your Resident Services tent into a full-fledged Town Hall, it appears Isabelle will move in to offer you the same services she did in New Leaf.

The Direct also showcased a number of returning visitors, characters that come to your town from time to time either randomly or for events. This includes Saharah, the traveling wallpaper and flooring sales-camel; Kicks, who shined shoes in Animal Crossing: City Folk and sold footwear in New Leaf; Gulliver, the castaway you might find washed ashore; Wisp, the friendly spirit you can only encounter at night; and Label, sister to Mable and Sable, who sells high-end clothing.

Mr. Resetti wasn't physically in the Direct, but there's a hint as to his new role. The Rescue Service, which you can use if you get lost around your island (for a price), plays Mr. Resetti's theme tune when summoned.

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