New Alan Wake Game "Would Have to Be" Made by Original's Developer

Remedy recently spoke about being interested in revisiting the series "when the time is right."

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It's been several years since the last Alan Wake game, and with developer Remedy Entertainment busy working on Quantum Break, it's unlikely to have the time to move back to its survival horror series right now. That said, Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes Remedy "would have to be" the developer of any future entry.

In response to a question about the prospect of an Alan Wake 2, Spencer said on Twitter, "[Remedy] is pretty busy with [Quantum Break] right now. I think any future [Alan Wake] would have to be a Remedy game." While perhaps not what the more impatient fans want to hear, some will no doubt look at this as good news: Taking a series out of its original developer's hands is not always a good thing, as we saw with Crackdown 2.

Remedy suggested recently it's still interested in returning to Alan Wake even though previous attempts to revisit it haven't panned out. "You never know about the future and as we have said about Alan Wake, the sequel didn't work out at this point. But definitely we are looking for opportunities to do more, someday, when the time is right," creative director Sam Lake said. Last year, Lake revealed Remedy had "worked hard to make the sequel happen." Because it couldn't secure the needed funding, it decided not to create something "less ambitious."

The original Alan Wake, released in 2010, went on to sell more than 2 million copies. In addition to DLC, it received one follow-up in the download-only Alan Wake's American Nightmare, released in 2012. The two games have combined to sell more than 3 million copies.

Remedy's Quantum Break is due out on Xbox One in 2015. Prior to working on Alan Wake, the studio was best known for having created the Max Payne series.

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