New Adventure Time 3D Game Announced for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations will launch this fall.


Independent developer Little Orbit and Cartoon Network on Tuesday announced a brand new game based on the popular animated TV show Adventure Time. Called Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, the game is in development at Little Orbit's development studio Vicious Cycle (Ben 10: Omniverse) and will launch in November for the latest home consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U, as well as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and PC.

Whereas recent Adventure Time games like Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW (2013) and Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (2014) were played from a top-down perspective, Finn and Jake Investigations is a fully 3D game that promises action, a variety of locations to explore, and "mind-bending" puzzles. This should all come together to make you feel "as if [you] have stepped into [your] own personal episode of Adventure Time," Little Orbit writes in a press release.

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In terms of story, Finn and Jake Investigations will see players traveling to the mysterious "Land of Ooo" as they interrogate its "colorful inhabitants." Their investigative interest isn't totally random, however, as Finn's foster parents were professional investigators, according to Adventure Time fiction.

Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott said in a statement that the publisher had received "a lot" of feedback from fans about wanting a new Adventure Time game for the current generation of consoles in 3D.

"This new game is a complete departure from previous Adventure Time games," he said. "We have created an intriguing classic adventure game set in a richly-detailed 3D Land of Ooo where players can check out Land of Ooo locales, talk to characters, sharpen their creative puzzle-solving skills, defeat bad guys, and just have fun."

More details about Finn and Jake Investigations will be announced in the weeks and months ahead. For now, you check out some screenshots in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

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