New Ace Attorney sequel and Dragon's Crown top debut sellers in Japan

Capcom's sequel to courtroom adventure series sells 250,216 copies in Japan; Atlus' fantasy beat-'em-up also shifts 175,442 units.


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Capcom's latest 3DS adventure game and Atlus' tribute to fantasy-themed beat-'em-ups were high on Japanese gamers' to-buy lists last week.

Defense attorneys and Frank Frazetta-inspired archetypes, together at last.
Defense attorneys and Frank Frazetta-inspired archetypes, together at last.

The 3DS' Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and the PS3 and PS Vita versions of Dragon's Crown were the top three titles that sold the most in Japan the week of July 22 to July 28, according to the latest update of the Media Create Sales chart (via NeoGaf). The latest sequel to the courtroom adventure game sold 250,216 units in its debut week.

The PS3 version of Dragon's Crown sold 104,359 units, while the PS Vita version moved 71,083 units. This brought the total sales of Dragon's Crown to 175,442 units.

Nippon Ichi's latest action role-playing game, The Witch and the Hundred Knights, was just below the two titles and sold 49,209 units. Former Nintendo top earners Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Pikmin 3 were at fifth and 10th place with 43,721 units and 14,161 units respectively.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies will be out in North America later this year for the 3DS, while both versions of Dragon's Crown will be out on August 6.

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