New 360s getting two-game bundle

Microsoft packing in Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with new Pro and Elite systems.


Now that the Wii and PlayStation 3 have had a year to catch up to the Xbox 360's head start, Microsoft is pushing back hard. In August, it dropped the price of its consoles across the board. Last month, the company released its biggest system-seller of the year, Halo 3. Today Microsoft followed up on those moves by announcing two Xbox 360 bundles that will come with two games packed in.

Free toys inside!
Free toys inside!

This holiday season, gamers in the market for an Xbox 360 can get Pro and Elite models of the console with copies of Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 2 and Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The bundles will sell for the standard Pro and Elite prices of $349 and $449, respectively, and Microsoft expects them to be readily available at retailers by the end of October.

If that price of admission is still too high, thrifty gamers might have some recourse on the way. Rumors have resurfaced recently that Microsoft is ditching its Xbox 360 Core package in favor of an Xbox 360 Arcade package. That system would supposedly have the same features as the Core Xbox 360, but come with a wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, and five Xbox Live Arcade games.

Microsoft is counting on this holiday season to provide the Xbox 360 with plenty of momentum to fend off Sony and Nintendo. The company has said it expects at least seven upcoming and recently released Xbox 360 games to break the million-unit sales mark, including Madden NFL 08, BioShock, Halo 3, Project Gotham Racing 4, Mass Effect, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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@Bozanimal The games are free. The console prices are unchanged from the recent price drop. Its a good move by MS. We will have to see if Sony brings that crap 40GB out in the States now.

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Those seven games should power the 360 much closer to the 20 million shipped range by Dec. 31. Heard it here first folks. ;)

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It should have been Froza 2 and Gears, right? I mean Marvel: U A ? What's that about? Oh well I will still get this new bundle, I need to kick my 360 to the Elite side...

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not bad, nice counter against Sony's 40GB PS3, can't wait to see which on sells better

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Sounds like a good idea to me.

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they do these thing sto boost sales meaning they really suck in sales right now.

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Those games aren't free, people, the cost is built into the system. It's a better deal, but they're not free.

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Glad to see MS being aggressive with holiday sales. Since I have a 360, larger hardware base should mean more interested devs.

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Pack in games are always a nice addition, this is good for people who don't already own a 360 but I already own two 360's(Pro and Core) and I own Forza 2 and have played Ultimate Alliance so I won't be needing this.

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That's good news for people buying the 360 late or for folks whose 360's are breaking down and want some back-up. Good games as well. Forza Motorsport 2 is a great racing game and Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great beat em up lined with RPG influences.

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This is by far the best deal out there, if you dont have an xbox 360, wait for this bundle to hit stores and pick it up, such a great price, and i hear also all the new consoles including this bundle package will have the new chip in them so there will no longer be the 3 rings of death. Microsoft knows they need to step it up now going into their third year and this will definately help.

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Not to bad on the pack in games. Microsoft if someone spends there cash on an Xbox 360 Elite then it is good to have a few games to play out right out of the box. Both are decent games. On a side note it is good that they have somewhat made the Core a little better. wireless controller and a memory card. Now how about the new 65mn chip for the Xbox 360?

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im getting one, sice my current 360 is dying on me.

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They always pick such wierd games for these bundle deals. I can see M:UA but Forza seems a little hardcore for who they are targeting this at.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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While MS giveth.... sadly Sony taketh away. Like I've said before MS just needs to dump the core. Have a base 40GB HD model with HDMI at 279.00 or even better 249.99 and sit back and enjoy the victory lap.

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i have been waiting for this bundle, i heard about it before and am definitely picking it up. i will sell marvel alliance b/c... well you know :P and will play forza 2 till i die :)

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oww not in the UK :( but maybe if we wait we'll see their response to the ps3 thing but they don't really need to cos the people who will buy the new ps3 will be the parents buying it to shut their kids up and thats not exactly their target market

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This is nice, I mean real nice for potential 360 buyers, but.. are these still going to red ring?

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I think thats an awesome idea. I might just buy another one so I can play Halo 3 upstairs and downstairs at the same time, or against a friend, or co-op. Plus I don't have Forza 2 yet. I think this bundle is going to kick butt this Christmas

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360's deals keep getting better and better.

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Makes sense but why have they included Marvel: Ultimate Alliance? :S

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I bet they put marvel in so that they can start hyping up the Marvel MMO.