New 360s getting two-game bundle

Microsoft packing in Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with new Pro and Elite systems.


Now that the Wii and PlayStation 3 have had a year to catch up to the Xbox 360's head start, Microsoft is pushing back hard. In August, it dropped the price of its consoles across the board. Last month, the company released its biggest system-seller of the year, Halo 3. Today Microsoft followed up on those moves by announcing two Xbox 360 bundles that will come with two games packed in.

Free toys inside!
Free toys inside!

This holiday season, gamers in the market for an Xbox 360 can get Pro and Elite models of the console with copies of Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 2 and Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The bundles will sell for the standard Pro and Elite prices of $349 and $449, respectively, and Microsoft expects them to be readily available at retailers by the end of October.

If that price of admission is still too high, thrifty gamers might have some recourse on the way. Rumors have resurfaced recently that Microsoft is ditching its Xbox 360 Core package in favor of an Xbox 360 Arcade package. That system would supposedly have the same features as the Core Xbox 360, but come with a wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, and five Xbox Live Arcade games.

Microsoft is counting on this holiday season to provide the Xbox 360 with plenty of momentum to fend off Sony and Nintendo. The company has said it expects at least seven upcoming and recently released Xbox 360 games to break the million-unit sales mark, including Madden NFL 08, BioShock, Halo 3, Project Gotham Racing 4, Mass Effect, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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Those are both really fun games that are made really well for the system. It is a good idea to go with one exclusive game and one not.

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microsoft did something like this last year, the 360 came with an extra controller, project gotham xbox arcade and a choice of either pro evolution soccer(3+), smackdown(16+) or gears of war(18 rated). they sold out pretty quick looks like theyre going for the same again. in my opinion forza is a great game but im not one for marvel type stuff.

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wow what a horrible bundle get some better games in there c'mon, like crackdown, or something

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Looks like a relatively decent pack in. Racers in general, have always been a welcome pack in for the average Joe (which is their target with this)

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I feel sorrry for the people that have not givin 360 a try..... i AM totally addicted to all the features and it just plain ROCKS!!!

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Despite now missing out on cool deals twice (once when I got a launch Pro and again when I got a launch Elite), the 360 still kicks the crap outta my PS3, so I can't stay mad at it for long. If you don't already own one, buy it now... Or wait six months when they'll probably do something even cooler. Curse my early-adopter tendencies!

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microsoft needs to show sony how to do business....

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um dont act like ps3 dont have flaws either even tho the numbers is not quite high as 360 but still same thing and plus 360 has better games then ps3 so um your point is to what ps3 good software? thats like all next year except 2 games this year wow 2 games when theres like 7 360 exclusives i want this year when ps3 has 2? wow yup good selection and yes i have both so im not being a fan boy justy saying facts

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Damn. I actually want MUA, but it's still £30 ($60) here :(

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Lame. I just recently bought an elite and forza2 separately.

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good software is a matter of opinion.

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@rogue89 What's so stripped down about it? It doesn't play PS2 games? A ton of people have PS2s and you can find out for $70 if its that important to you. It has 2 less USB ports? I've never used more than 2 at a time on mine. It has no card-readers? Neither did the 20gig. In the end, it's a $400 Blu-ray player still with a decent library that is rapidly and exponentially growing. Yes, him expecting everyone to go out and buy it is somewhat fanboyish, but saying there is "basicaly no good software" is also fanboyish since there are plenty of AA games out for PS3 at the moment. And don't try to turn around and call me a fanboy too because I play games and give every console its credit when its due.

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wow...i wanted to buy a new 360 over the i would have got ripped. Since then they have taken off $50, added HDMI, put the new 65nm processors in them, and now added these two great games! Thats it, im buying 360 this Christmas!

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cool move by microsoft. guess they're really looking to sell some more units this holiday season.

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hope that means more people on marvel i still need those multiplayer achievements.

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With only a $50 price difference MS will have to drop the price further if they plan to remain ahead of Sony.

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rogue89 you are the idiot. Let me buy a system that has been out a year that still has hardware flaws. And no good software? Why don't you think and research before opening your stupid mouth

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Wow, I think y'all are missing an excellent point here. This is a sick deal. Forza still goes for $60 and Marvel's -- what, $30 or $40? That's like getting a $100 off. Granted, I haven't bought Marvel Ultimate Alliance -- and probably won't -- but Forza is THE next-gen racing game, and anyone who owns a 360 should check it out. What better way to do so than at no loss?

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I wanted to buy a 360, but only if the price dropped some more. Two much money just to play next gen games. I prefer the next gen console with the Blu Ray player. Getting these two games is just an excuse to avoid dropping more the console price. I do not want Marvel UA, I would much rather get a price drop, buy Halo 3 and Gears of War.

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I miss the days that consoles actually came WITH games. This is a good idea.

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they did this cause sony gonna release a cheaper ps3.

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Mcrosoft just tagged Gamespot into the ring and they've teamed up to do a clothes-line on the already defeated all they need to do is pin Sony for the count of 3

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If they drop the price of the Elite and Prothis holiday, they would win. I'm not sure this is enough.

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It's about time U.S. 360s had pack-in games. It's been going on here in Canada for almost a year now as all new 360s come with Forza 2. Two good games were chosen.

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a price cut would be more effective. MS, stop pulling old Sony tactics like bundling stuff and put the finishing blow on Sony and drop the prices.

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@ Tinted: That'd probably be better, but what about users with no broadband connection. The year of live does them no good.

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Two of the funnest games out... awesome!

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Too bad I bought my 360 and Forza a few weeks ago, I could have saved a bit of money and probably would have gotten the new processor. Oh well, not having Halo 3 yet would drive me crazy. I agree with Tinted Chimes, though, a year's Gold subscription to Live would have also been a great add-in.

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I will be interested to see how pack in games help sales. It is not something that MS has done much of, if any. So Sony comes with a new $399 model and Microsoft answers with $349 and two games. This will be really interesting. If it is bought by parents who see two games that cost a bundle and figure the 360 is $50 less and has two games and plays Halo, it could work out for MS.

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It's obvious that it's not over for the 360 after Mass Effect.. I mean look the most anticipated PS3 Games (Lair, Heavenly Sword) didn't deliver and it's not over for Sony.. so why would it be over for Microsoft..

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Just dump the core.... And it should have been gears and forza I would have gotten gears bundle for sure

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This is nice, but I think it would of been better to pack in one year of live instead and just one game. That way, you get people hooked onto xboxlive and they can't help but pay for it. Trust me, once you go live with multiplayer, you'll see the 360 in a different light. Especially if you're into Halo 3 or racing games. Either way, this is still pretty good. I'm waiting for black friday myself. They might pack in a free year of xbox live.

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its over for 360... once that 399 ps3 comes in that is.... and mass effect nothing!!! crysis is going to be the everything killer by then

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At: el_rika Atarii Mass Effect is all I have to say. That's enough to fend off the Wii and PS3. - yeah, but that's about it for Xbox, Mass Effect than it's Game Over.. -Uhhhhhh ever hear of a little game called Ninja Gaiden 2?? The Xbox 360 isn't going anywhere dude.

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Atarii Mass Effect is all I have to say. That's enough to fend off the Wii and PS3. - yeah, but that's about it for Xbox, Mass Effect than it's Game Over..

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Great deal.

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so if MS is going to win no matter what, why would they feel it necessary to do this? just a question for those who think the final victor is gaurenteed.

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ocdog45 "they do these thing sto boost sales meaning they really suck in sales right now." Um, Halo 3 is doubling the number of Xbox 360 sales. Not to mention that this is one of the biggest holiday seasons in terms of gaming.

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I really liked the Marvel game; some people might not even care about it; but its a good game.

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Mass Effect is all I have to say. That's enough to fend off the Wii and PS3.

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There will NEVER be an M-rated pack-in, so just forget about all of that. It limits who can buy a CONSOLE, and no console-maker or retailer wants that. This is a nice incentative for those on the fence, but I still have been of the mindset that price-cuts are better than pack-ins. Others may view it differently, so this could still continue the boost that started with their initial price-cut and continued with Madden and Halo 3.

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Does anyone really like that Marvel game? That doesn't seem like a good incentive. Forza was a good choice though. But parents buying one for their kids for christmas won't know the difference. This might just work out for M$.

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1) Marvel is more mainstream than Gears of War 2) Marvel is rated T, Gears M (if they pack a M rated title they couldn't sell it to kids) 3) Marvel probably gave them the games for free

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I bet they just made too many marvels by mistake and now they have a warehouse full of them that they need to get rid of. The guy pressing the dvds got halo 3 and marvel mixed up in his head. "so why do you guys need 2.324,765,235,766 copies of Marvel UA anyway?" "I've made a horrible mistake"

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Playing the bundled games card ALREADY??? Damn. Hopefully the 399 ps3 comes to NA in time for holiday season. I don't know about you guys, but i gotta save my money for black friday!

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Eh.. ocdog45.. I doubt they are sucking in sales Halo 3 was a huge success for MS.

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I like this deal, even though i already have the pro and forza, this might sit well with people thinking of buying one, although i still think another price drop would be killer.