New 360s getting two-game bundle

Microsoft packing in Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with new Pro and Elite systems.


Now that the Wii and PlayStation 3 have had a year to catch up to the Xbox 360's head start, Microsoft is pushing back hard. In August, it dropped the price of its consoles across the board. Last month, the company released its biggest system-seller of the year, Halo 3. Today Microsoft followed up on those moves by announcing two Xbox 360 bundles that will come with two games packed in.

Free toys inside!
Free toys inside!

This holiday season, gamers in the market for an Xbox 360 can get Pro and Elite models of the console with copies of Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 2 and Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The bundles will sell for the standard Pro and Elite prices of $349 and $449, respectively, and Microsoft expects them to be readily available at retailers by the end of October.

If that price of admission is still too high, thrifty gamers might have some recourse on the way. Rumors have resurfaced recently that Microsoft is ditching its Xbox 360 Core package in favor of an Xbox 360 Arcade package. That system would supposedly have the same features as the Core Xbox 360, but come with a wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, and five Xbox Live Arcade games.

Microsoft is counting on this holiday season to provide the Xbox 360 with plenty of momentum to fend off Sony and Nintendo. The company has said it expects at least seven upcoming and recently released Xbox 360 games to break the million-unit sales mark, including Madden NFL 08, BioShock, Halo 3, Project Gotham Racing 4, Mass Effect, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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hey, i still want a xbox 360, but if they ditching the Core for the Arcade, that's cool!

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Why people would complain about $120 in free videogames is beyond me.

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Both those games got ratings close to Resistance, which is the best PS3 exclusive so suck it PS3 fanboys.... I mean lets all have fun!

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the core system is still the original price, just a memory card with 5 games from xbla!!!! and this is good!!!!!!! i was going to get an xbox 360 last week because of halo3, and now i will wait til the end of the month to get one! ill have THREE games instead of ONE!!!!! microsoft will destroy sony(who wont package a game for under 400 bucks) and nintendo who wont meet demand!

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If I didn't own a next gen system this would be a hard selling point for me. Although I personally don't like Forza (it is a great game but I like Burnout better) and the marvel alliance I heard was a good game. Although I don't really think free games will sell me a system it is a great thing for parents. After all if I were a parent and I didn't know the differnce between the systems I would buy the Pro system with two games for $349 compared to $399 and no games for a ps3.

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YES!!!! When is this bundle coming out because i am about to buy a 360 in november and i would love to have 2 free games with it.

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This is great! I was getting a 360 for Christmas any way, so now I get two games bundled with it.

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The 360 arcade packadge is not a rumor, it's true. They're listed on our reseller's new games / accessories orders. This means you can buy a 360 for about less than a Wii + extra Wiimote and nunchuk...

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Bozanimal: You are so totally wrong. And Kavadias, how can someone not like your opinion without reading it. People will argue with your troll opinion if you put it up, please don't complain because others disagree with you. -_-

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Yea I see Sony's armies of the Holiday falling back now! Great choice of games too, but what would really make it sell is if you get a free copy of Gears of War or Halo 3, and for a second game maybe Call of Duty 2 or Oblivion. All all star games. Yes Marvel and Forza are fantastic games, and i'm sure people will like them a lot, because they are very fun, nothing against them either, but really if they sold Halo 3/GoW and Call of Duty 2/Oblivion then I'm pretty sure people will go apesh*t over the 360.

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now THAT is a good incentive to buy a 360 $350 and comes with 2 games iv always wanted to play forza 2 and i guess i could give marval a try ni never have been a fan of the comic book crap id be happyer if it was TES4 but still cant really beat that and i would like to know the price of the arcade version

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to end peoples questions its official it was on ign all newer 360 consoles have better chances of longer life because the chips are more secured so they wont mess with the heat sync the old 360 chips were held by clasps but the newer ones are screwed in and this bundle is a really good choice for anyone wanting to get into the xbox 360 and with the arcade system coming hopefully it should see a sales surge over the course of the holidays

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Wow, great starter games!!

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Hey, crappy games in my opinion guys. Deal with it. There are much better 360 games around. Pop them in the deal instead. You dont like my opinion then don't read it!

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I hope it has the 65nm processor then ill buy.

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@wilt1725grog: "With deals like this, it will create a big enough space between Microsoft and nintendo for sure. Microsfthas sold over 11.8 million system so far..and this deal will help them go much farderl ahead of nintendo" MS is ahead in units shipped to retailers (meaning units sold to consumers *and* units still sitting on store shelves). In consumer sales, Nintendo stll has a slight margin on the 360 (last I checked). This is good stuff, though. MS is really bringing their A-game for the upcomming holiday season. Better competition = more of a win for consumers.

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Great bundle, anybody who calls those games crappy is clueless.

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Yes damn it! the new CPU is included.

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That's awesome.

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Nice bundle but will this will the xbox 360 console have the long anticipated 65nm processor. That's what people really want to know.

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Bah! Make it Dead Rising and Gears of War and I might think about it. Then again, GoW is coming out for PC, so nevermind. Also, I couldn't possibly care any less about driving games.

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I might have jump on this one!(Get one for my nephew)

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This is a win for Microsoft. Not a win in the sense that sony wont passed them in sales sometime in the furture because that may happen but a win in percentage of market control. I'm possitve that after this holiday it guarentees that M$ will increase its market share by 10 or 15%. The mighty sony will have fallen from 70% market share to some where around 30-35%. Now, what company would you rather be. There is no way sony could be considered the winner this round.

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Pair of crappy games? You're full of it, both of these games rated really highly, I loved the Marvel Alliance. Forza 2 got a 9.2, Marvel Ultimate an 8.3 Spew your hate somewhere else.

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With deals like this, it will create a big enough space between Microsoft and nintendo for sure. Microsfthas sold over 11.8 million system so far..and this deal will help them go much farderl ahead of nintendo

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urr h8 those two games lol

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i wish they had this bundle when i bought mine, i would have save tons!!!

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That is totally worth it, and probably a very good counter to Sony's price dropped PS3. I mean, those games alone are (assuming full price) at a $120 dollar value!

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Has it been confirmed that all the new Pro systems have the new 65nm chips & HDMI ports? Or will the Pro systems in this package deal still have the older hardware? Ive had my 360 since launch, never gotten the RROD, but I'd like to upgade to something with HDMI & this looks like the right opportunity... especially if it has the new CPUs.

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Darn it now I am mad. I just bought a 360 to play bio shock and halo 3 and now I could have gotten 2 games with it?!?! Well Halo 3 is awsome so it is still worth it.

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Wow, a pair of right crappy games. I think i'd rather have the 360 on it's own with a garauntee that the bloody thing isn't going to break down within it's first year.

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very awesome

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SaitouZero, it has been confirmed that the first batch of the 65nm CPU were put into the Xbox 360(Halo Model). So by the holiday season I am pretty sure you'll see more.

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A couple of really quality games at least.

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Forza is an awesome game. I haven't played Marvel, though.

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That sucks. I just bought an Elite.

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the only thing i wanna know is if the systems in these bundles will have the 65nm CPU

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Sweet for people who don't own one. What could a better deal be? Two awesome games packed with a great console.

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PGR 4 is not tooo bad either :)

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@gromit007 - No, the games are not free, though Microsoft would like you to think so. Like "buy one get one free" deals, you are paying for two items, not getting one item free. Developing and producing the games certainly was not free, paying the programmers, directors, and executives of those titles was not free, and everyone needs to get paid. Microsoft has indeed introduced an excellent deal, but the games are not free, they are bundled into the price.

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Wow!!! Microsoft really knows how to sock competitors in the face don't they? No wonder they're the richest company in the world...

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Thats a good deal.

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Hey can anyone tell me why the PS3 carbon has to interrupt gameplay to save and the 360 saves as you play????? I noticed this on my friends Carbon... Kinda Sucked...

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people how is forza 2 not amazing right now? and wasnt marvel one of best selling rpg's next to oblivion in this generation? yeah you people must never played niether of these games and forza is a racing sim which means you bump the wall you car will be messed up your not playing need for speed you know so this is the most realistic racing game out right now and dont say graphics because you look stupid

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i wonder if the consols in the bundle have the new falcon chip.

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Marvel UA is a pretty good game, juss depends if u like those Baldurs Gate-ish games or not. Its kinda better than Baldurs Gate tho. Im prolly gonna get this deal, i can play these 2 games til Mass Effect comes out.

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Forza Motorsport 2 is the best Racing game I have ever played, and it is the highest rated Racing game on any system this generation. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is also an incredibly fun Action/Fighting/RPG game, because you can play with 4 of your friends at the same time both online and offline!!! And the Xbox 360 version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the best version of all because it has eight extra characters that aren't in the other versions of the games. Some of those exclusives are some of my favorite characters, like Magneto, The Inredible Hulk, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Sabretooth.

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@NND1 i agree with you people that say 360 suck obvisouly havent given it a try but they want to say 360 games suck but they selling and getting better reviews then ps3 and it you take the reviews off of that then you still have sells which mean it has to be good go look on ebgames or gamestop sites you will never see a best selling ps3 game out of all and plus you go on gamefly you see all 360 games and maybe 1 ps3 and 2 wii's but the majority its 360 so yeah i think that proves a point basicly