New 360s getting two-game bundle

Microsoft packing in Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with new Pro and Elite systems.


Now that the Wii and PlayStation 3 have had a year to catch up to the Xbox 360's head start, Microsoft is pushing back hard. In August, it dropped the price of its consoles across the board. Last month, the company released its biggest system-seller of the year, Halo 3. Today Microsoft followed up on those moves by announcing two Xbox 360 bundles that will come with two games packed in.

Free toys inside!
Free toys inside!

This holiday season, gamers in the market for an Xbox 360 can get Pro and Elite models of the console with copies of Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 2 and Activision's Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The bundles will sell for the standard Pro and Elite prices of $349 and $449, respectively, and Microsoft expects them to be readily available at retailers by the end of October.

If that price of admission is still too high, thrifty gamers might have some recourse on the way. Rumors have resurfaced recently that Microsoft is ditching its Xbox 360 Core package in favor of an Xbox 360 Arcade package. That system would supposedly have the same features as the Core Xbox 360, but come with a wireless controller, a 256MB memory card, and five Xbox Live Arcade games.

Microsoft is counting on this holiday season to provide the Xbox 360 with plenty of momentum to fend off Sony and Nintendo. The company has said it expects at least seven upcoming and recently released Xbox 360 games to break the million-unit sales mark, including Madden NFL 08, BioShock, Halo 3, Project Gotham Racing 4, Mass Effect, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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isint the elite supposd to come with the ultimate alliance gold edition? And the pro comes with the regular?

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I got one of those 360's two days ago lol.

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too many games :(

Avatar image for s3lFc0nTr0l

pretty good deal...

Avatar image for Strangethings

I just picked up the Pro bundle this weekend. Ultimate Alliance isn't the gold edition, but it's still a great value.

Avatar image for TOTAL_DEFENSE_0

pretty cool i guess, although i already have my 360. however, Marvel and Forza 2 are better than Wii Sports. I still like Motorstorm better than either, but hey, its two free games.

Avatar image for Lord__Darkstorn

does anyone know if the ultimate alliance game is the "gold edition?" I just don't wanna pay 800 points for the heroes and villains dlc...

Avatar image for spartan-dude

They could have given us gears instead.

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Avatar image for MoDollars

don't forget Assassin's Creed, thats going to sell rapidly as a fact

Avatar image for crystos

well atleast i kno what system i;m getting this xmas,,,,,,

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... thats not really a great bundle. Forza 2 was already in a 360 bundle. And adding Ultimate Alliance? I'm sorry but that game doesnt seem "360 seller" Give us a Gears of War bundle. Bioshock even. Then the 360 will outsell everything.

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the pro has a pretty steep price.

Avatar image for enoslives7

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great game

Avatar image for Crusade_17

yes...thats awesome thank u mr bill yea sony watcha goin to do?????

Avatar image for thekey

willripyouanew1 "WOW,....step it up SONY" Why should they, they'll always have there loyal fans. (And they'll buy all 5 different PS3's) NOT! 360 is going to own this holiday season!

Avatar image for Irve

This is no substitute for a proper price drop ! they need to get the Price at a point where there is a clear gap between the 360 and the PS3

Avatar image for playa42018

I haven't played Forza, but I can say that Marvel Ultimate Alliance is worth it.

Avatar image for GruadTheGray

Bozanimal - Show me where you can get a 360 w/o the games for about $100 cheaper and I'll agree. (segue) As I do about the better deals coming along. Nintendo's aggravated me with that for a long time.

Avatar image for Xbox_Gamer_117

Nice deal! $100 worth games free! :)

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man these gaming companies are trying really hard to win this generation console war, Its a great time to be a gamer, Sony trying to catch up, Microsoft holding on to its great momentum, and Nintendo, well, I bet they're laughing all the way to the bank

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So an Elite purchased a couple weeks ago would not have the new GPU, but one would have it when?

Avatar image for Jerrymiru

If they REALLY want to move some systems, they should make one with Halo 3 in the Halo system. Still though, great move.

Avatar image for rose_please

what a graeat game

Avatar image for aquinofgv

This is great news.

Avatar image for Harden_hawk

I'm soooo happy. :cry:

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Nice. I already own a 360, but I was looking to eventually purchase another one when the new GPUs are installed. I can only hope.

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That's smart MS, but I wish they would let you decide which games you can get in your bundle. Marvel: UA isn't bad and neither is Forza. I think that might trump Sony's deal as parents will see the two systems for around the same price, but go with the 360 because they have two games included.

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Sweet, now all I have to do is save for an extra controller and Halo 3 (and Bioshock, and the Orange Box, etc). Hopefully the consoles in the bundle have the new 65nm GPU, but I doubt it. I gotta put my fears aside and pray that I don't get the RROD (I hate having to use warrantees). How do I justify spending an extra $100 for an Elite? Because it is black (and the two free games aren't bad either, they actually made my decision).

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

Shopping spree time!

Avatar image for Medicine_Man

I traded in my pro for an elite 2 weeks ago, now they do this ? .....I just wished they would make a more stable system I've had a few scares alread with my new system. I fear its only a matter of time before it takes a dive on me like my first 2 did. :(

Avatar image for willripyouanew1

WOW,....step it up SONY

Avatar image for MacRuckus

Forza is cool, but most Marvel games are garbage imo, unless they were produced under Capcom.

Avatar image for resident_rozza

yes, if anything i'd rather not have Ultimate Alliance. Maybe if Micro$oft had better games in this bundle, then i'd be more tempted, of course it doesn't help that i already own a 360...

Avatar image for gamer082009

Microsoft couldn't be in a better position than what they currently are in. And just to think a few months ago people were saying the 360 was doomed due to it's hardware failure issues. Very nice to see Microsoft pushin back hard to keep their stake in the market. Bundling those games will only help Microsoft, even if by a little!

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I would much rather spend my money on a 360, WITHOUT those 2 games.

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I think this is weak sauce

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I just got a new Elite last Friday... ACK now they bundle the games? ..geez! I hate it when companies do that! Drop the price, sell like crazy, no games included, then add two of them.

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But No Killzone 2 nor MGS4

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@GruadTheGray - Why am I wrong? You're not getting two free games, the cost of the games is simply built into the existing price of the system. It's still a better deal than it was, I'm just saying the games aren't free. It's getting to be like buying a PC; as soon as you buy a new part or computer some better deal or new technology comes along a month later. :lol:

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My XBOX 360 broke twice in 8 months leaving me with out a system for close to 2months. Plus the problem still occurs with there new Falcon chip. Time to get PS3 I have had my Fatty PS2 since it came out , never any problem. DID YOUHEAR THAT FANBOYS no freezing no server error no RROD . Still works just like new by by MICROSOFT it will be a SONY Christmas for all and for all a good night

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Nice bundle...AAA + AA Games for free = win :D

Avatar image for Wolverine77

ps3 is so screwed

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Awesome, it never hurts to include some games with consoles. Especially Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Forza.

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Congrats to you EBookerd1!! ~I think now I will officially lay down the big bucks and get myself an X360. I do wish the second game was not ultimate alliance though, maybe like Call of Duty 3 or something.

Avatar image for ebookerd1

Nice, I would pick up my second one now, but my daughter will be born then! Oh well at least i have 1 right now and a new born daughter :D. And by the way Jet Set Radio Future Ruled!!! one of the all time best games ever and I will got to my grave screaming it!!!!

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remember when the super nintendo came packaged with super mario all stars? now that was a package....