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Amazon lists Sony's latest hardware-software combo packing high-def cord, Media Molecule's acclaimed platformer for $350, due June 12.


LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition

Though Media Molecule is hard at work on Little Big Planet 2, the developer and its publisher clearly have continued ambitions for its predecessor. If an Amazon listing proves to be accurate, Sony is ready to release a new 250GB PlayStation 3 system bundle next week with a packed-in HDMI cable and a copy of Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition for $350.

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Purportedly launching next Saturday, June 12, the Father's Day bundle will be the first PS3 offering to include an HDMI cable. With the system's Blu-ray drive, good for game and movie playback in high definition, the addition of the HDMI cable will allow gamers access to the full power of the system.

Little Big Value.
Little Big Value.

The 120GB PS3 Slim went on sale in North America September 1, 2009, for $299, and after selling more than a million units in less than three weeks, the company announced a 250GB model bearing a $349 price point. However, neither system had a bundled game or an HDMI cable.

Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition became part of Sony's PS3 Greatest Hits line in April, and it follows Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, MotorStorm, and others in receiving the bundle treatment. Little Big Planet: GOTY Edition includes seven content packs previously released as downloadable content, bringing with them additional costumes, stickers, objects, levels, and more.

As of press time, Sony had not responded for comment regarding the authenticity of Amazon's listing.

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