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New $25 Street Fighter 5 DLC Pack Now Available

Purchases will increase the prize pool for the Capcom Cup.


To coincide with the start of this weekend's Evo fighting game tournament, Capcom has revealed several new pieces of Street Fighter V DLC that will help fund the Capcom Pro Tour's prize pool.

Chun-Li and Cammy each have new "Capcom Cup Collection" costumes now available for $6 each, with a third "mystery" costume to be revealed later this year. Capcom says on its blog that "fans will be really excited about what this means for Capcom Cup 2016 once we officially unveil it."

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There's also a new Capcom Pro Tour-themed stage, Ring of Destiny, out for $10. Over the course of the year, the level will be updated with new banners and images depending on what events are happening on the Capcom Pro Tour. Currently, you'll see the stage promoting Evo.

Should you want all of this content, you can grab it in the $25 Capcom Pro Tour Premier Package bundle. This includes the stage, all three costumes, an exclusive color option for all 22 characters, and two exclusive titles (Capcom Cup 2016 and Capcom Pro Tour 2016). You can see this all in the video and gallery above. None of it is included in the game's season pass.

Everything save for the mystery costume is out now on PC and PS4, but it will only be sold until sometime in late November, before the Capcom Cup Finals.

The prize pool for the Capcom Cup will grow "based on the content download numbers," according to the publisher, though it's unclear how much money each purchase contributes. Other games with esports scenes like Dota 2, Smite, and Halo 5 have also offered content that contributed towards tournament prize pools.

Also new in Street Fighter V are bug fixes intended to resolve issues with certain characters.

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