New 16GB Ouya revision out now, promises better controller and storage

Latest Ouya revision comes in a matte black finish and will set you back $129.

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Watch out Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo! A new version of the Android microconsole Ouya has been released in the US.

Retailing for $129, the new model promises an overhauled controller, improved Wi-Fi, and 16GB of storage--double that of the original model's 8GB. An official image for the new microconsole says the new Ouya revision comes in an anthracite finish, which is a very fancy way of saying matte black.

The new machine is scheduled for release only in North America for now.

One of the founding members of the Ouya, Muffi Ghadiali, quit the company this month.

The Ouya shot to prominence after a barnstorming Kickstarter campaign saw the company rack up $8.6 million in funding. It became available commercially in June 2013, although the company has never divulged exactly how many machines it has sold.

Earlier this week, a report suggested that an Android microconsole from Amazon would be released sometime in 2014, at a price below $300.

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