New $160 PSP bundle includes MLB 11: The Show, Gran Turismo

Sony announces portable pack for "grads and dads"; includes piano black PSP-3000, 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and baseball and driving games.


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Though Sony is preparing to launch its Next Generation Portable by year's end in the United States, that's not stopping the Japanese game maker from enticing gamers to purchase a PSP-3000 by bundling it with two popular games.

Is this the last hurrah for the PSP?
Is this the last hurrah for the PSP?

Sony has announced the newest Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pack (pictured at right). The $160 bundle includes a piano black PSP-3000, a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, and two system-exclusive PSP titles: MLB 11: The Show and Gran Turismo.

For more on the titles inside the pack, check out GameSpot's reviews of MLB 11: The Show and Gran Turismo.

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Avatar image for snake63

Unless you are replacing your broken PSP and don't have MLB The Show 2011 and Gran Turismo there is no reason buying this. Plus don't expect the games to be in their plastic cases but in small cardboard cases.

Avatar image for syam32245340

Hurrah! but if I'm smart I'll just save that money to buy the NGP

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

A 2GB memory stick duo and 2 pack in games for $160.00 yep this is that last harrah for PSP. But a good one.

Avatar image for MrMisanthrope

I really have no idea why anyone would buy this now instead of saving that cash for the NGP.

Avatar image for thetravman

Meh. Honestly, the $200 bundle with MGS:PW and 2012 was a better deal than this. Gran Turismo is a very 'bleh' game.

Avatar image for zzamaro

@X_Colbert_X oh, the irony, you still need re-buy if you want to play them on the NGP psp go is not so bad now, I mean, there's no need to rebuy stuff

Avatar image for kb8618

not a good bundle for me, And Seriously a 2GB mem card? i hope thats cuz they have a #@$& load of those obsolite unsold sticks, if they actually still make them then they're probably either making 1 cent profit on them or loosing $, give me a 4+gb stick

Avatar image for Default_Usernam

@DrKill09 you would use your PSPGO as a PS3 controller...why? Only failed because there wasn't enough titles at the PSstore, and the fact that you were just paying more for a slimmer PSP, a sliding mechanism, and Bluetooth

Avatar image for X_Colbert_X

@DrKill09 Or, you know, people who didn't want to re-buy games they already purchased on UMD.

Avatar image for CorruptGamerGX

@2_Quiet_2_Riot Too bad NGP does not play UMD copies of games and most of PSP's library is still not on PSN.

Avatar image for brian419

The PSP has been on life support for a long time now,so this is good move.$160 for this bundle is a good deal.Can't blame Sony for wanting to sell off more PSP's before NGP's launch.These hardware bundles on PSP and PS3 will spike sales for Sony and that's a good thing.

Avatar image for 2_Quiet_2_Riot

No point of buying a PSP right now. NGP is right around the corner.

Avatar image for DrKill09

PSP3000? Meh. The Go is still better. Much better controller layout, ps3 controller support, no annoying UMD's, 16gb built in storage space. Only failed cause of cheap asses. :roll:

Avatar image for Kenshiro_Kenoh

that is a smart move by sony cause the NGP is coming soon and psp games will be remastered for the PS3 so this is a good way to end the line for the psp. RIP psp hello NGP